Spotify vs Deezer: A Detailed Comparison Of The Top Music Streaming Services

When evaluating music streaming services, two big names stand out – Spotify vs Deezer. How do these on-demand music apps stack up across various categories? This in-depth comparison examines Spotify vs Deezer to determine the better choice for your listening needs and music streaming experience.

Company Histories

First, let’s look at the backgrounds of Spotify vs Deezer.

Founded in 2006 in Sweden, Spotify pioneered the music streaming subscription model when launching in Europe in 2008. It arrived in the US in 2011 and now sits comfortably as the top music streaming service worldwide with 172 million monthly active users.

Deezer, headquartered in France, got its start in 2007 initially focused on the European market. Though smaller than Spotify, Deezer maintains a strong presence as the second largest on-demand music app in many European countries with 9.6 million subscribers.

Both Spotify vs Deezer helped kickstart music streaming. Now let’s compare features.

Music Catalogs and Libraries

The quality of a streaming library comes down to size and song selection.

With over 82 million tracks and 4 million podcasts, Spotify unquestionably offers the largest streaming catalog. The expansive library ensures you can find all popular songs and artists when comparing Spotify vs Deezer.

Deezer hosts 73 million tracks – still massive, though not as extensive as Spotify for niche genres. When looking at Spotify vs Deezer libraries, Spotify’s depth wins out.

Winner: Spotify by a wide margin for vastly larger music and podcast library.

Audio Quality and Streaming Bitrates

Audio fidelity makes a big difference, especially for audiophiles evaluating Spotify vs Deezer.

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Spotify streams at 96-320 kbps. Spotify HiFi launching in 2022 brings lossless CD-quality streaming.

Deezer offers 128-320 kbps bitrates. Its Deezer HiFi tier provides 1411 kbps lossless audio – exceeding Spotify’s HiFi.

For maximum quality, Deezer wins on paper. But both Spotify vs Deezer offer superb 320 kbps audio for most listeners.

Winner: Draw – Spotify and Deezer both deliver excellent sounding high bitrate streams.

Music Discovery Features and Playlists

Helping listeners find new music is critical. How do Spotify vs Deezer compare for music discovery algorithms and playlists?

Spotify blends personalized playlists like Discover Weekly with endless algorithmic radio stations and human curated playlists like New Music Friday. A superior blend of data science and editorial curation.

Deezer also provides personalized playlists like Flow plus expertly curated genre playlists. However, Spotify’s discovery features feel more advanced.

Winner: Spotify edges out Deezer slightly when it comes to intelligent music discovery functionality.

User Experience and Controls

The ideal service balances intuitive controls with smart assistant integration.

Spotify offers seamless browsing across devices along with Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa voice commands. Smooth accessibility is a hallmark.

Deezer provides a similarly intuitive experience across devices with Alexa voice control. Lacks native Google Home support.

When looking at Spotify vs Deezer for user experience, both services deliver accessible, predictable designs. But Spotify supporting Siri and Google Assistant gives it an advantage.

Winner: Tie – Spotify and Deezer offer stellar user experiences.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Given people listen across devices, app support is vital when examining Spotify vs Deezer.

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You’ll find a Spotify app available across iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, speakers, TVs, consoles, cars, and more. Spotify is compatible with any imaginable device.

Deezer supports iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Alexa speakers, some smart TVs, and cars. Lacks full Google Home support.

Winner: Spotify for broader device and platform ecosystem availability.

Podcasts, Audiobooks and Exclusive Content

In addition to songs, today’s services provide other audio content.

Spotify offers over 4 million podcasts including top exclusives like the Joe Rogan Experience. It also provides over 300,000 audiobook titles. Massive spoken word selection.

Deezer’s podcast catalog is smaller at 130,000 shows. It offers some exclusive original podcasts but no audiobooks yet.

When comparing Spotify vs Deezer for extra audio content, Spotify dominates for podcast and audiobook selection.

Social Sharing Capabilities

Music is social. Evaluating Spotify vs Deezer social features:

Spotify enables seeing what friends are playing, sharing tracks, collaborative playlists, and following other users. Robust tools for engaging with others through music.

Deezer’s social capabilities are much more basic – just profile pages and share buttons. Lacks real-time friend activity.

Winner: Spotify provides far superior social engagement tools.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

Pricing plays a role when evaluating Spotify vs Deezer. How do their streaming plans compare?

Spotify offers free ad-supported and $9.99/month Premium options, plus discounted Student and Family plans. Very affordable overall.

Deezer’s pricing is nearly identical with free, $9.99 Premium, $4.99 Student, and $14.99 Family plans. Great value.

When looking at Spotify vs Deezer pricing, it’s essentially a tie. Both offer strong value across the board.

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Audio and Streaming Quality

With so much parity in features, technical performance becomes a differentiator.

Spotify delivers high quality 320 kbps audio with minimal glitches or interruptions – extremely polished and reliable.

Deezer’s audio streams sound great when working, but performance seems slightly more prone to hiccups than ultra-refined Spotify based on user reports.

Winner: Spotify offers best-in-class stability and audio performance.

Final Verdict: Spotify Is Superior

When comparing Spotify vs Deezer across metrics, Spotify emerges as the superior service:

  • Larger music and podcast catalog
  • Better discovery algorithms and playlists
  • Smoother user experience
  • More social tools and platform access
  • Higher streaming quality and reliability

That said, Deezer remains an excellent option, especially for cost-conscious consumers or those in Europe. Evaluate your listening habits and needs.

But looking holistically across features, availability, and performance, Spotify rules the roost as the most fully featured and most reliable music streaming service for 2022 in this Spotify vs Deezer showdown.

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