How To Get Spotify Premium?

Want to upgrade to a Spotify Premium subscription for an ad-free, uninterrupted listening experience? Here are the best ways to get Spotify Premium along with membership options to take advantage of student discounts, family plans, free trials and more.

Read on to learn about the many options for accessing premium features like offline downloads, unlimited skips, high quality audio and exclusive content that Spotify Premium provides over the free tier.

Check Eligibility for Spotify Student Discount

Students enrolled at an accredited university or college are eligible for a 50% discount on Spotify Premium, reducing the monthly price to just $4.99. To get the student rate:

  • Sign up using your .edu student email address and verify enrollment with SheerID.
  • Provide your school, expected graduation date, field of study and birth date for verification.
  • Check that your name matches officially with your institution.
  • Re-verify periodically to retain student pricing as long as enrolled.

The discount makes Premium extremely affordable for students as long as eligibility criteria is met.

Can a Family Member Add You to Their Plan?

If you have a family member or friend who already subscribes to Spotify Premium, see if they can add you to their existing Family Plan which allows up to 6 users.

Benefits include:

  • Access to Spotify Premium features
  • Separate accounts under one subscription
  • Around $3 per person monthly for 6 users
  • Only need 1 payment method on file

As long as they have a slot left, joining a family member’s plan can be a convenient way to get ad-free Spotify without paying full price yourself.

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Sign Up for Free Spotify Premium Trials

Spotify occasionally offers 1-3 month Premium free trials for new users. To find available offers:

  • Check the homepage and your Spotify app upgrade prompts for any free trial promotions.
  • Look for free trial ads on social media, Spotify’s website, or web searches.
  • Try redeeming unique partner promotion codes that include a free trial.

The benefit is experiencing Premium features first before deciding whether to continue the paid subscription. Just be sure to set a reminder to cancel before getting charged if you don’t want to continue.

Use a Spotify Gift Card

Ask for a Spotify Premium gift card for your birthday, holiday or other occasion. Retailers like Walmart, Target and Amazon sell gift cards that can be used towards a Premium subscription.

Benefits include:

  • Applies like cash towards any Spotify Premium plan
  • Available from $10 up to $100 amounts
  • Let’s someone else cover the cost as a gift to you

Gift cards essentially give you free Premium access for the value of the card when redeemed towards your membership.

Share a Spotify Duo Plan

Spotify Duo allows two people to share one Premium subscription. If you have a partner, friend or family member also wanting Premium, grab Duo to save.

Features of a shared Duo plan:

  • Ad-free listening for both people
  • Separate Premium accounts and logins
  • Around 30% savings compared to Individual plans

Finding someone to split a Duo plan with saves you money compared to paying alone.

Bundle With a Cell Phone or Internet Plan

Some mobile carriers and internet providers offer Spotify Premium bundled free or discounted with select service plans.

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For example:

  • Get Hulu and Spotify Premium free with Verizon Unlimited plans
  • Score discounted Spotify with select T-Mobile Magenta plans
  • Bundle Spotify Premium and YouTube Premium with Google One plans

Check with your provider to see if they offer any deals bundling a streaming subscription.

Is Spotify Premium Worth the Cost?

While Spotify’s free, ad-supported tier offers basics, upgrading to Premium provides:

  • Ad-free, uninterrupted listening
  • Unlimited skips and playback control
  • Higher quality audio streams
  • Offline listening with downloads
  • Early access to albums and exclusives

For serious music and podcast fans, the enhancements are well worth the monthly cost. But more casual users may be fine sticking with the Free version.

Don’t Miss This Chance for Ad-Free Music!

With multiple ways to get Spotify Premium at a discounted or even free cost, now is the time to upgrade your listening experience without breaking the bank.

Take advantage of student plans, bundled deals, gift cards, free trials, family sharing or split costs with Spotify Duo. With a little effort, you can easily unlock the benefits of ad-free music in no time!

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