Why Am I Getting Spanish On Spotify?

Have you noticed Spanish music, ads or language settings suddenly appearing on your Spotify app? You’re not alone. Many Spotify users have reported unexpected Spanish content popping up during their listening sessions.

Getting unfamiliar Spanish songs and audio can be confusing if you did not manually change language or region settings. Read on to learn why Spanish may be appearing on Spotify and how to revert back to your normal preferences.

Common Reasons Spanish Content Appears on Spotify

If you are suddenly hearing Spanish on Spotify, here are some likely explanations:

  • You have listeners on your account from Spanish-speaking countries – Spotify personalizes music based on account activity, so someone else listening in Spanish can influence recommendations.
  • You listened to a Spanish artist, song or playlist – Even a single Spanish song can lead the Spotify algorithm to serve up more related Spanish content.
  • You traveled recently to a Spanish-speaking country – Spotify detects your location and delivers locally relevant language results.
  • Your Spotify language setting is set to Spanish – Despite using the service in English, your Spotify language defaults may be incorrectly set.
  • Your Spotify ad preferences are set to Spanish – Even with English tracks, Spotify can target ads based on ad preferences.
  • Device language settings are in Spanish – The device or browser language itself may override app-specific settings.

So from account sharing, to algorithms, traveling, incorrect settings and device languages, there are quite a few reasons you may suddenly be seeing Spanish content on Spotify when you did not expect it.

How to Stop Getting Spanish on Spotify

If you want Spanish audio gone from your Spotify, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Check Spotify Language Settings

In the Spotify app:

  1. Go to Settings > Language
  2. Ensure language is set to your desired language, in most cases English.
  3. Toggle “Enable explicit content” on if disabled as this can limit results.
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On desktop:

  1. Click your profile name > Settings
  2. Under Language, select your language, like English.

Update Spotify Ad Preferences

  1. Go to Settings > Ads > Ad Preferences
  2. Select your language, country and postal code options.
  3. Disable Spanish language if selected.

Check Device Language Settings

Ensure streaming device language is set to your desired language, usually English. For mobile devices:

  1. Go to device Settings > General > Language & Region
  2. Set Region to your current country.
  3. Set preferred Language to English.

Reset Recommendations

Force Spotify to refresh suggestions:

  1. Go to Settings > Reset Recommendations
  2. Tap “Refresh” to restart suggestions.

Log Out and Back In

Fully logging out and back in syncs settings and clears temporary caches.

Use a VPN

A VPN tunnels your traffic through a specific region to simulate being there. Try routing through an English-speaking country.

Block Tracks and Artists

Use the block feature on Spanish artists and songs you do not want recommended.

Contact Spotify Support

If issues persist, reach out to Spotify customer support for additional help.

With the right settings tweaks and troubleshooting steps, you can get your Spotify account back to playing just the language and music you want to hear.

Why Does Spotify Default to Spanish Sometimes?

There are a few reasons why Spotify may automatically default to having Spanish content, even for users who usually listen in other languages:

  • Spotify is available in many Spanish-speaking countries – Major markets like Mexico and Spain means Spanish languages defaults are common.
  • User location services – Spotify caters to local languages in many regions where Spanish is dominant.
  • Increasing interest in Latin music – Genres like reggaeton and Latin pop are seeing huge global growth, leading Spotify to promote more Spanish music.
  • Shared family plans and devices – Just one Spanish-preference user on a shared plan can influence others.
  • Sponsored spots from Spanish-language advertisers – Money from advertisers can motivate Spotify to push more Spanish placements.
  • Latino or Hispanic heritage and affinity – Spotify may make assumptions about language preferences based on ethnic names or activity.
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While convenient for some, Spotify’s language personalization algorithms can sometimes overreach in attempting to deliver Spanish results to those not expecting them.

Is Spanish Content Being Pushed More on Spotify?

It does appear that Spotify has increased efforts to promote and recommend Spanish language music, ads, playlists and podcasts in recent years. Here are some possible reasons why:

  • Expanding markets – Spanish is growing in countries like the USA and critical for Latin American reach.
  • Crossover appeal – Artists like Bad Bunny have achieved huge global popularity singing primarily in Spanish.
  • Targeting growth demographics – Young and Latino/Hispanic listeners are key markets, more likely to listen in Spanish.
  • Industry connections – Record labels are incentivized to partner with Spotify to uplevel Latin artists.
  • Listener tastes – Individual user data shows people are increasingly listening to Spanish language releases.
  • Algorithmic personalization – The more Spanish listened to, the more Spotify recommends it to others.

While Spotify has not outright confirmed any deliberate strategy to push Spanish content, the trends towards more Spanish music promotions are noticeable amidst the rise in popularity of Latin genres.

Troubleshooting Persistent Spanish Content Issues

If adjusting your Spotify language and region settings are still resulting in unwanted Spanish music, ads and audio, here are some additional troubleshooting tips:

  • Log out then back in to all devices linked to your Spotify account.
  • Double check language configurations on all streaming devices, including smart speakers.
  • Consider creating a separate Spotify account just for yourself to avoid other user influence.
  • Routinely clear the Spotify app cache and data to fully reset.
  • Ensure you do not have a VPN active that is set to a Spanish-speaking country.
  • Try deleting then re-installing the Spotify app if on mobile.
  • As a last resort, you may need to fully deactivate your account then start fresh.
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Be sure to also send detailed feedback to Spotify customer support so they can improve the overly eager Spanish personalized recommendations.

With the proper language settings configured, Spotify should stick to the music, podcasts and ads that align with your listening preferences.

Prefer Hearing Spanish on Spotify? Lean In!

While incorrectly getting Spanish results can be annoying, Spotify does make it easy to intentionally listen to amazing Spanish language music, podcasts and content when desired!

If you find yourself grooving to the Spanish tracks Spotify recommends, consider embracing it by:

  • Adding more Spanish indie artists to your library.
  • Following dedicated Spanish playlists like ¡Viva Latino! and Baila Reggaeton.
  • Tuning into Spanish podcasts like Charlando Con Estefan or The Wild Project.
  • Letting Spotify’s algorithms work their magic to dig up more undiscovered Latin gems.
  • Taking advantage of the huge amount of Spanish soccer play-by-play available on Spotify.

So show off your multi-lingual Spotify listening skills and proudly tell your friends how many cool Spanish discoveries you’ve found! It might just open up whole new worlds of amazing music.

There’s a ton of diversity on Spotify beyond just American and British hits. So get out there, get streaming and get listening to awesome Spanish content! But maybe double check those language settings first if you primarily want to avoid it.

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