How To Get Spotify On Your Vizio TV Without Using The V Button

In the era of smart TVs, streaming music services like Spotify have become standard apps that today’s TV owners expect right at their fingertips. With over 82 million songs available, who wouldn’t want quick access to Spotify’s massive music library right from the big screen? 

Luckily, installing the Spotify app on a modern Vizio TV is super quick and easy. But what if your Vizio TV model doesn’t have the handy V button to add apps? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy Spotify on that new Vizio TV without needing the V button shortcut.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll cover several methods for installing Spotify on Vizio smart TVs wiV-buttoning the V button approach. Whether your TV has built-in Chromecast, SmartCast 3.0 or older versions, we’ll explain how to get Spotify up and running for music streaming from your couch. Let’s dive in!


Before we begin, let’s cover what you’ll need:

– A Vizio smart TV model without the V button for adding apps 

– The Spotify app installed on your smartphone or tablet

– Your TV and mobile device connected to the same WiFi network

As long as you have those basics covered, you’re ready to add Spotify to start streaming. Now let’s look at the different installation methods based on your Vizio TV model.

New Vizio TVs with Chromecast Built-In

The newest generation of Vizio smart TVs come equipped with Chromecast technology built directly into the set. This makes installing Spotify a breeze without needing the V button. Here’s how:

  • They are;

1. Open the Spotify app on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Tap the “Devices Available” icon in the bottom left (looks like a monitor icon).

3. Select your Vizio TV under Available Devices.

4. Tap “Start playing” and your TV will begin playing music!

Chromecast-enabled Vizio TVs appear as an option in the Spotify app automatically. Once selected, Spotify casts the audio and visuals straight to the TV. Just like that, Spotify is ready on your Vizio TV!

Using this method, you also don’t need to install the Spotify app on the TV itself. Your mobile device acts as the remote controlling playback on the TV.

For Vizio SmartCast TVs (2016 and Newer)

Vizio’s SmartCast TVs launched in 2016 and newer also make installing Spotify a breeze without the V button. These sets don’t have full Chromecast built-in but still support casting through the Spotify app.

Here’s how to cast Spotify using SmartCast:

1. Launch the Spotify app on your phone or tablet.

2. Tap Devices Available and select your Vizio TV.

3. Start playing a song or playlist to begin casting to the TV.

The process is virtually identical. One difference is that to control playback you’ll need to keep the Spotify app open on your mobile d, device. Otherwise it will stop cas, ting.

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But still no need to install Spotify directly! SmartCast works similarly to Chromecast for easy Spotify setup.

Older Vizio TVs (2015 and Prior)

Lastly, let’s cover how to get Spotify on older Vizio smart TV models from 2015 and prior. These can’t cast Spotify natively, so we’ll need to use the Spotify Connect feature.

Follow these steps:

1. On your TV, open the Vizio Internet Apps Plus (VIA Plus) app.

2. Search for Spotify and select the app to install it. 

3. Open the Spotify app now installed on your TV.

4. In the Spotify app on your phone, tap Devices Available.  

5. Select your TV and tap “Start Playing” to connect it.

Now your TV and smartphone are linked for Spotify streaming. Use your mobile device to control playback, playlists, and more.

This method does require directly installing the Spotify app on the older TV. But once connected via Spotify Connect, you can still bypass the V button and cast music.

Quick Tips for Getting Spotify on Vizio TVs

To recap, key tips for installing Spotify easily on Vizio TV models without a V button:

– Use Chromecast built-in on new Vizio sets for one-touch casting from your mobile Spotify app.

– Look for the SmartCast feature on 2016 and newer Vizio TVs to enable Spotify casting.

– On older models, install Spotify via VIA Plus then connect to your mobile app via Spotify Connect t.

– Make sure TV and smartphone/tablet are on the same WiFi network.

– Keep the mobile Spot app open if the TV doesn’t support full native Chromecast.

– Update Vizio and Spotify apps to ensure maximum compatibility.

While the V button makes adding apps more convenient, even without it you can still get Spotify up and running on your Vizio TV quickly. Now it’s time to put your feet up and enjoy listening to playlists, albums, podcasts and more oncentrenew media center.

Optimizing Spotify on Your Vizio TV

Once you have Spotify successfully installed on your Vizio television, you’ll want to make sure you configure the app for the best listening experience. 

Here are some key tips for optimizing Spotify on a Vizio TV setup:

Choose High Audio Quality 

On Spotify on your TV, go to Settings Streaming Qualitytreaming quality. This will ensure you get the highest 320kbps audio bitrate. TV speakers will sound their best!

Customize Canvases for Visual Appeal

If your Vizio TV supports it, Spotify can display animated canvases that visualize the music. Browse different visual styles in the Canvas section of Settings.

Create TV-Optimized Playlists

Make dedicated playlists for listening on the TV that are longer and have seamless transitions. TV listening is different than on phones!

Use Private Listening

Connect wireless headphones to your TV’s Bluetooth for private listening. Or use Spotify Connect to play TV audio on different speakers.

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Enable Autoplay 

Turn on Autoplay in Settings so music keeps flowing when playlists and albums end. Perfect for TV listening parties.

Cast Podcasts and Shows

Don’t just cast music! Use Spotify’s Chromecast support to play podcasts, Spotify-exclusive shows and other audio on your TV.

Controlling with Spotify Connect

Remember you can control playback entirely from the Spotify app on your phone, tablet or computer using Spotify Connect.

Think like a TV user and optimize your music experience for the big screen. Your Vizio TV can become the ultimate Spotify streaming hub.

Troubleshooting Spotify on Vizio TVs

Hopefully, ly at this point you have Spotify smoothly installed and rocking on your new Vizio television. But occasionally you may run into technical snags or bugs with the app. 

Here are some common troubleshooting tips for fixing problems with Spotify on Vizio TVs:

Can’t Find TV in “Devices Available” Listthe 

First, ensure TV and smartphone/tablet are connected to the same WiFi. Also try manually disconnecting and reconnecting the WiFi on both devices.

Spotify App Not Listed in VIA Plus on Older TVs

Some old Vizio sets don’t support the latest Spotify app. You may need to cast from a computer using an older Spotify version in this case.

Music Buffering or Slow Streaming

Try switching to a 5Ghz WiFi band or upgrading your internet plan speed. The TV may need more high-quality for high-quality music streaming depending on your setup.

No Sound from the TV SpeakSpotify, the app checkscheckssk that audio output is set to TV speakers and not another Conn, etc device. Also inspect TV audio settings to rule out muting.

Spotify App Freezes or Crashes on TV

Close and reload the Spotify app on your TV. If issues persist, uninstall and reinstall Spotify to clear out any bugs or glitches.

Can’t Log In to Double-checky on TV   

Double check you don’t have the Spotify app open on any other devices which may be blocking the TV login. Also manually log out then back in.

With a process of elimination using the tips above, you should be able to resolve any Spotify on Vizio difficulties. Reach out to Spotify customer support if problems are unfixable on your own.

Using Your Phone as a Spotify Remote on Vizio TV

Once you have Spotify up and running on your Vizio set, one great perk is the ability to use your smartphone as a Spotify remote.

Via Spotify Connect, you can conveniently control music playback directly from your phone’s Spotify app, even when listening on the TV.

Here are some of the handy remote control features:

– Start, stop, pause music playback

– Skip tracks forward and back

– Queue up playlists and albums

– Like songs to save to Your Library

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– Adjust volume levels 

– Use any Spotify device as the remote – phone, tablet, computer etc.

So from the couch, you can cue up perfect music on the big screen without needing the TV remote. Plus, your phone makes an easy tuner for typing in search queries.

When friends come over, you can hand off remote duty for collaborative listening parties!

Pro Tip: Enable Spotify Connect with “Devices Available” in the Spotify app on your mobile to unlock remote control. The TV volume but the ons will the the the the the the just overall system volume.

More Ways to Use Spotify on Vizio TV

We’ve covered the basics of installing and enjoying Spotify on a Vizio smart television. But if you want to take your TV Spotify experience up a notch, here are some power user tips to try:

– Use Spotify on TVs in multiple rooms for whole-home audio streaming. Cast from any device to any TV!

– For parties, connect a turntable or microphone to your TV’s audio input to mix audio from Spotify and external sources. 

– Consider buying a low-cost tablet et and dedicate as a Spotify TV remote left on your coffee table.

– Hook up extra external speakers to your TV audio outputs for room-filling sound.

– Enable Spotify app controls via Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri for handy hands-free and voice-controlled music.

– Use Spotify TV integration theatre art home theatre receivers like Sonos Amp to simplify your audio setup.

– Play Spotify on TVs lacking apps by screen mirroring mobile devices or using streaming boxes. 

The more you play around with Spotify on your Vizio set, the more possibilities you’ll uncover – from whole-home audio to voice controls to visualizers and beyond. Vizio TVs provide the ideal big screens for Spotify.

Key Takeaways for Getting Spotify on Vizio TVs Without the V Button

To recap, the key tips for enjoying Spotify on your Vizio TV without using the V button shortcut:

– Cast to newer Chromecast built-in models directly from Spotify mobile app

– Use SmartCast casting if your TV is 2016 model year or newer 

– On older models, install Spotify via VIA Plus, then connect to mobile

– Optimize Spotify for TV listening with playlists, quality settings, canvases etc.

– Use Spotify Connect and your phone to conveniently control playback

– Troubleshoot issues with WiFi, app version, reinstalling, or contacting support

– Take advantage of remote control features and expansive audio options

So while the V button makes app installation easier, with these methods you can still quickly add Spotify to any modern Vizio television. Now you can enjoy access to playlists, podcasts, albums and more with just a tap on the biggest screen in your home.

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