Does DistroKid Create a Spotify Account For You?

As an independent musician in today’s streaming era, getting your songs onto major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music is essential for reaching listeners. But between creating accounts, uploading music, publishing to stores, and collecting royalties, the distribution process can be daunting. 

This is where distributors like DistroKid come in – offering simplified music distribution to Spotify, Apple Music, and more. But can services like DistroKid completely remove the hassle of publishing to platforms like Spotify? Specifically, does DistroKid create a Spotify account for you?

In this guide, we’ll cover whether DistroKid handles setting up your Spotify artist account along with a deep dive into how DistroKid uploads music to Spotify. Let’s demystify music distribution!

The Short Answer

To quickly summarize – no, DistroKid does not directly create a Spotify account on your behalf. You need a pre-existing Spotify artist account connected to your DistroKid publisher account so your music can be uploaded properly. 

However, this doesn’t mean DistroKid can’t make distributing to Spotify simple. Once you connect your accounts, DistroKid handles delivering your tracks onto Spotify and other platforms. But that initial platform account creation remains a manual task.

Let’s explore the details so you know exactly what to expect when using DistroKid for Spotify music distribution.

Connecting Your Spotify and DistroKid Accounts

The key to seamless Spotify distribution through DistroKid is properly connecting your Spotify artist account to your DistroKid publisher account. Here is an overview of how account linking works:

1. First, you need to set up an official Spotify artist account at 

2. In your DistroKid account settings, connect your Spotify artist profile using your Spotify username.

3. Authorize DistroKid to access your Spotify account for uploading releases.  

4. Once connected, DistroKid can publish songs directly into your Spotify artist profile.

Without connecting your Spotify artist account, DistroKid has nowhere to distribute your tracks to. So while you must create your own Spotify artist profile first, linking accounts allows hands-off music delivery.

Tip: You can connect multiple artist profiles on different platforms to your DistroKid account for simplified cross-platform distribution.

How DistroKid Uploads Music to Your Spotify Account

Once you connect your Spotify artist profile to your DistroKid publisher account, here is exactly how DistroKid handles uploading new releases: 

1. In DistroKid, upload your finished songs and input the release details like title, cover art etc.

2. Review the release and submit it to DistroKid for distribution.

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3. DistroKid encodes your songs and delivers the files to Spotify on your behalf.

4. Your release appears on your Spotify artist profile and across the Spotify catalog. 

5. Spotify pays streaming royalties directly into your DistroKid account each month.

6. DistroKid takes their flat annual cut then pays out your remaining royalties.

That’s really all there is to it! DistroKid eliminates the manual work of uploading to platforms individually. Just connect your accounts and DistroKid handles end-to-end music distribution.

DistroKid Spotify Distribution Features

We’ve covered the basics of how DistroKid helps you get music onto Spotify. Here are some of the key features that make distributing to Spotify through DistroKid powerful:

– Scheduled Releases – Pick the exact date for your Spotify release. No more jumping the gun on releases.

– Pre-Save Links – Drive pre-release buzz via Spotify pre-save links before your songs go live. 

– Cross-Platform Distribution – Publish songs simultaneously across Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Instagram, and more. 

– Real-Time Analytics – View Spotify streaming stats and track growth through detailed dashboards.

– Playlist Pitching – Get your songs recommended for key Spotify editorial playlists for more exposure. 

– Royalty Collection – DistroKid collects and pays out streaming royalties from Spotify monthly.

– App Integrations – Use mobile apps like Songflow to easily manage DistroKid Spotify releases.

– Bulk Uploading – Upload an entire album’s worth of tracks in batches.

The right distribution tool like DistroKid unlocks powerful options for managing releases beyond manual self-uploading.

Optimal Practices for Distributing to Spotify via DistroKid

To maximize the results when distributing your music to Spotify via DistroKid, follow these pro tips:

– Fully complete your Spotify artist profile including bio, photos, playlists etc. to enhance discovery.

– For album releases, group songs together in a complete album using DistroKid’s “Album Title” field rather than hundreds of singles.

– Submit at least 2-4 weeks in advance for proper pitching to playlists and managing marketing.

– Promote pre-saves heavily on social media to build anticipation and visibility on Spotify. 

– Study Spotify analytics after release to identify best performing songs, top playlists/regions etc.

– Engage with listeners by updating Spotify playlists, artist picks and Canvas visuals after release.

Like any platform, there are tricks to optimizing results on Spotify. But a service like DistroKid simplifies the technical process so you can better focus on marketing and fan engagement.

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Pitfalls of Relying on DistroKid for Spotify Distribution

While we’ve focused on the benefits, it’s worth highlighting a few potential downsides to be aware of with relying solely on DistroKid for Spotify distribution:

– Lack of control over manually pitching songs to Spotify playlists and curators.

– Missing out on insights from directly monitoring Spotify analytics tied to your artist account. 

– Potential for errors or delays if issues arise between connecting DistroKid and Spotify.

– Higher distribution fees taken from your Spotify streaming royalties versus self-uploading.

– Less flexibility for special releases like singles vs. EPs vs. albums. 

– Inability to quickly fix issues or update Spotify content without DistroKid as the middleman.

Overall, DistroKid removes a ton of headaches around music distribution. But for maximum control, you may wish to use DistroKid along with occasionally managing targeted Spotify releases yourself. Find the right balance for your needs.

Should You Use DistroKid for Spotify Distribution?

So should independent artists rely on DistroKid for distributing music to Spotify, or go the direct upload route? Here are some key factors to consider:

– If you lack time or technical skills, DistroKid massively simplifies Spotify publishing.

– If releasing frequently, DistroKid’s automated process is more efficient.

– If looking to publish across many platforms, DistroKid delivers huge time savings.

– If you want to dive into analytics or pitch playlists yourself, direct Spotify access has benefits.

– If you value complete control and customization, manual Spotify uploads may be preferable.

For most indie artists, DistroKid does provide major advantages thanks to its simple account connections, automated distribution, and royalty collection services. But assess your specific needs to decide if outsourcing Spotify distribution is the right fit.

Just remember – a DistroKid subscription alone won’t instantly get your songs in front of Spotify listeners. You still need to drive streams through relentless marketing and promotion. Distribution is just step one!

Key Takeaways – Does DistroKid Create a Spotify Account For You?

In summary:

– No, DistroKid does not create a Spotify account on your behalf. A Spotify artist profile is required.

– Connecting your Spotify artist account to DistroKid enables direct music uploads to your profile.

– Once connected, DistroKid handles distributing new releases to your Spotify account. 

– Optimize your Spotify profile and promotion for best results, even when using DistroKid. 

– Consider downsides like less control vs. direct Spotify access for certain use cases.

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– Ultimately, DistroKid can hugely simplify distribution, but marketing remains critical for streaming success.

With the right promotional plan, DistroKid can help musicians make Spotify streaming and royalty collection totally hands-off. Spend less time distributing, and more time creating music and connecting with fans.

FAQs About DistroKid and Spotify Distribution

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about how DistroKid handles Spotify distribution and account setup:

Does DistroKid provide verified Spotify artist accounts?

No, DistroKid can only distribute to existing Spotify artist accounts. You need to set up your own verified artist profile first before DistroKid can connect to it.

Can I manage multiple Spotify artist accounts with DistroKid?

Yes, you can connect multiple Spotify profiles to a single DistroKid account. Useful if you manage releases for multiple artists and projects.

Does DistroKid assist with pitching my songs to Spotify playlists?

To some extent yes. DistroKid has tools to submit your tracks for playlist consideration but cannot guarantee placements.

How quickly after uploading to DistroKid does music reach Spotify? 

Average time is 4-7 days but can vary based on a release backlog. DistroKid prioritizes based on release date.

Can DistroKid re-upload my music if it is removed from Spotify?

Yes, DistroKid can easily redeliver tracks if they are removed from Spotify for any reason to restore your release.

How do I collect royalties from Spotify streams via DistroKid?

DistroKid handles collecting your Spotify streaming royalties each month and pays them out directly into your DistroKid account balance.

Are there other DistroKid competitors that upload music to Spotify?

Yes, leading alternatives like CD Baby, Amuse, and TuneCore offer similar Spotify distribution services.

Does DistroKid offer any discounts for distributing to Spotify? 

Unfortunately DistroKid does not offer discounts specifically for Spotify distribution. Their flat pricing applies globally.

How can I get Spotify streaming statistics if DistroKid uploads my music?

You can view Spotify analytics directly on your connected Spotify artist account dashboard. DistroKid also provides analytics.

How do I get help from DistroKid for issues with Spotify music delivery?

You can contact DistroKid’s customer support for troubleshooting. They can investigate and resolve many Spotify issues directly.

Hopefully these FAQs provide additional context into how DistroKid interfaces with Spotify from account creation to music uploading to royalty collection. Leverage DistroKid to make releasing music on Spotify easier than ever.

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