How To Cancel Spotify Premium Easily On Your PC, Mac, And Mobile

Spotify premium subscription provides users with many useful features like ad-free listening, unlimited skips, high-quality audio, and offline downloads. However, there may come a time when you decide you no longer want to pay for the premium service. Thankfully, cancelling your Spotify premium membership is easy to do on both desktop and mobile. This guide will walk you through the steps for cancelling on different devices.

Why You Might Want To Cancel Spotify Premium

There are several reasons why someone might want to cancel their Spotify premium subscription:

The price. At $9.99 per month for an individual plan and $15.99 for a family plan, the cost may no longer fit into your budget. If you’re looking to save money, cancelling premium Spotify is an option.

You’re not using it enough. If you don’t listen to that much music or find yourself still primarily using the free tier, then paying for a premium doesn’t make fiscal sense. 

Missing features or content. Perhaps Spotify is lacking music, podcasts or other content you want. Certain features on the free tier meet your needs.

Switching services. You may want to try another streaming service like Apple Music, YouTube Music or Amazon Music Unlimited. Cancelling Spotify makes sense if you want to test out the competition.

How To Cancel Spotify Premium on Desktop

If you subscribed to Spotify Premium on your desktop, then you can easily cancel your subscription from the Spotify website. 

1. Go to spotify.com and log into your Spotify account.

2. On the left sidebar, click your profile name and select “Account” from the dropdown menu.

3. On the Account page, find the “Your Plan” section and click the “Change Plan” button.

4. A popup will appear with your current Spotify premium plan listed at the top. Scroll down and click “Cancel Premium” 

5. Spotify will ask you to confirm cancelling. Select “Yes, cancel” to verify cancelling your premium subscription.

6. Your subscription status should now say “Spotify Free” confirming your membership has been downgraded.

Note that if you cancel in the middle of a billing cycle, your premium benefits will remain until the end of the cycle when the cancellation takes effect.

Also, within your account settings, you can click “Reactivate Premium” anytime if you change your mind and want to re-subscribe.

How To Cancel Spotify Premium on iPhone/iPad

For iOS users who subscribed on iPhone or iPad, cancelling happens through your App Store settings:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Tap your Apple ID banner at the top of the screen (the one with your name and profile picture).

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3. Tap “Subscriptions.”

4. Under active subscriptions, find the listing for Spotify Premium and tap it.

5. On the Spotify Premium screen, tap “Cancel Subscription.”

6. Confirm you want to cancel by tapping “Confirm” on the popup.

Your Spotify premium membership will remain active until the end of the current billing period before downgrading to the Free plan. 

To reactivate Premium, simply return to the Subscriptions menu in iOS settings and resubscribe to Spotify Premium.

How To Cancel Spotify Premium on Android

For those using Spotify’s Android app, cancellation occurs through the Google Play Store:

1. Open the Play Store app on your Android device.

2. Tap the hamburger menu in the top left corner.

3. Tap “Subscriptions.”

4. Under active subscriptions, find the listing for Spotify Premium. 

5. Tap “Cancel subscription.”

6. Confirm cancelling on the popup by selecting “Continue.”  

As with the iPhone, your premium access will remain until the billing cycle is completed. You can resubscribe at any time from the Play Store’s Subscriptions menu.

Cancel Through Spotify Support 

You also have the option to cancel your Spotify premium subscription by contacting their customer support team directly:

1. Go to Spotify’s contact page at support.spotify.com/contact-spotify-support

2. Click the drop-down field next to “How can we help you today?” and select Subscriptions.

3. For the inquiry topic select “I want to cancel Premium.”

4. On the next page select “I still need help” to open the contact form.

5. Fill out your name, email and details on why you want to cancel premium service.

6. Click Send Question to submit the request.

Spotify support will get back to you to confirm the cancellation or assist further if need be.

Downsides Of Canceling Spotify Premium  

While cancelling your paid Spotify membership can save you money each month, there are some downsides to reverting to the Free tier:

– Audio ads will play periodically while listening. These are fairly repetitive and disruptive.

– Shuffle play is limited to only 6 skips per hour. Want unlimited track-skipping ability? You’ll need the paid Premium account.

– No offline listening. One major benefit of premium is downloading songs, albums and playlists to your mobile device to listen when internet connectivity is limited. This feature is only available to paying members.

– Reduced audio quality. Only Spotify Premium offers streaming music at up to 320 kbps bitrate for CD-quality soundtracks. The standard is 160 kbps for non-paying members.

– Access is restricted. Free listeners can only play Spotify on one device at a time. Premium allows simultaneous streaming across all your devices.

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Before cancelling, consider if losing access to these useful features is worth the savings from avoiding the monthly Premium costs.

Can I Reactivate My Premium Subscription?

Yes – if you cancel your paid Spotify Premium account, restarting it later is a straightforward process.

Simply log into your Spotify profile on either a desktop or mobile app, and navigate to the Your Plan or Subscription section similarly to how you originally cancelled. From there, click or tap “Reactivate Premium” which will walk you through selecting a monthly plan and entering new payment details.

One thing to note with reactivating a cancelled Premium membership:

If it’s within 3 months of cancellation, Spotify will save your account data like playlists, likes, settings, etc to restore upon resubscribing. 

But after 90 days your prior account data and details may be erased. Just something to consider if thinking of taking a break for a while before re-upping.

How To Permanently Delete Your Spotify Account

Apart from just cancelling your Spotify Premium subscription, you also have the nuclear option of deleting your entire Spotify account. 

This means removing everything associated with it – playlists saved albums, the podcast follows, etc. It also means losing access to any subscription benefits should you try creating a new account later on.

But if your goal with Spotify is to walk away for good, account deletion can provide a clean break.

To permanently delete your Spotify account:

1. Visit Spotify’s support site at support.spotify.com and click Sign In in the top right corner. Enter your Spotify login email and password when prompted.

2. Select Account from the vertical menu.

3. Next I want to close my account.

4. On the left side click Close Account to initiate the deletion process.

5. Spotify will generate a contact form to confirm account removal. Fill in your details including why you want to delete your profile.

6. Click Send Question and Spotify support will follow up via email about safely closing your account.

Following this process remove your profile and all associated data from Spotify’s systems. And should effectively end your relationship with the platform if that was your goal.

Before you delete, make sure to export or back up any Spotify playlists or other data you want to preserve elsewhere. Once your account is removed that information will be lost.

Alternative Options To Full Account Closure:

If the idea of nuking your profile seems a bit extreme, two middle-grounded options let you take a break while preserving data:

1. Temporarily deactivate using the Sleep feature.

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2. Fully disconnect third-party app access via Facebook etc using Spotify account settings.

Sleep allows you to hide account details without deleting them while still signing out across devices. Disconnecting outside apps tightens security.

Both let you take a Spotify sabbatical without losing all your profile information and restart access whenever ready to return. More moderate approaches for those not quite prepared to walk away entirely.  

Can You Reopen A Closed Spotify Account?

Once deleted, unfortunately, Spotify does not allow users to retrieve or restore closed accounts. Reactivation or data recovery are not options after completing the account removal steps. 

This is why it’s strongly advised to back up any playlists or other Spotify content you want to save before deleting your profile. That data becomes inaccessible even if trying to set up a new account later on.

The sole recourse is to start fresh by creating a brand new Spotify account with a different email if you again want access to the platform. But your previous playlists, preferences, listens etc will be gone for good. So be sure before taking that final termination step.

What About Canceling Free Spotify Accounts?

A final note regarding account cancellations – technically you cannot cancel a free, non-paying Spotify membership. Since it costs nothing, there’s no billing to stop or subscription to end.

The only options for free listeners looking for an exit are:

1. Deactivate your profile using the Sleep mode described above. This temporarily hides it without permanent closure.

2. Fully delete the account if walking away for good as detailed earlier.  

So Free users cannot properly “cancel” like paid subscribers can. But you can either hide or remove a free profile through other mechanisms if Spotify no longer meets your needs.


Cancelling a paid Spotify Premium account is straightforward across desktop, iOS and Android devices. Simply access the Your Plan or Subscriptions area and select cancel. You can also contact Spotify support to handle cancellation requests. Just know Premium features will remain until the billing cycle expires. And if you change your mind, reactivating a cancelled membership is possible.

Before cancelling, consider downsides like losing unlimited skips, offline listening and ad-free access. Also, be sure to export playlists or other data you want to keep. And if walking away permanently, deleting your account entirely will fully erase it but allow no path to restoring anything later on.

Hopefully, this gives the full rundown on the best practices, options and considerations around cancelling and deleting Spotify accounts – whether paid subscription or free. Let us know if any other questions!

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