How To Use Spotify QR Codes To Share And Discover Music


Spotify QR codes are a great way to easily share songs, albums, artists, and playlists with others. With just a quick scan of the Spotify code, someone can instantly access the content they want to share without having to search for it themselves.

In this blog post, we’ll look at what Spotify QR codes are, the benefits of using them, how to find and generate codes for your music, and tips for using QR codes to share tracks and get more Spotify listeners. Read on to learn how Spotify QR codes can help you seamlessly share music discoveries!

What Are Spotify QR Codes?

A Spotify QR code is a special square barcode that links to Spotify content when scanned. The code contains encoded data that directs the person scanning to a specific song, album, playlist or artist profile page within the Spotify app.

QR codes are scannable by most modern smartphones using the device’s camera. When you scan a Spotify QR code with your phone’s camera, it will automatically open the Spotify app and take you directly to the content encoded in the QR code.

Benefits of Sharing Spotify QR Codes

Here are some of the great benefits of using Spotify QR codes:

  • Share music easily – Without having to type or search, you can share a song simply by generating a code and sending it to friends.
  • Share full playlists and albums – Get your friends to follow an entire playlist or album with just one QR code scan.
  • Discover new music – Following a Spotify code is an easy way to check out new music recommendations from friends.
  • Promote your playlists and tracks – Artists and creators can drive more listens by sharing their Spotify codes on websites, social media, and printed merch.
  • QR codes work anywhere – Spotify codes will resolve in the Spotify app across all countries and platforms that have access to Spotify.
  • User-friendly sharing – People don’t need a Spotify account to scan and access your shared Spotify content via QR code.
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How To Find and Generate Spotify QR Codes

Sharing your Spotify QR codes is easy and only takes a couple of taps in the Spotify app:

  1. Open the Spotify app and go to the song, album, artist or playlist you want to share.
  2. Tap the “…” icon next to the Play button.
  3. Choose Share > QR Code from the share options menu.
  4. Spotify will instantly generate a unique QR code for the content page you’re on.
  5. To share the code, simply tap on the QR code image to save and share it anywhere you like – social media, messaging apps, a website, printed materials, etc.

When someone scans your Spotify QR code, it will open Spotify and direct them right to the content in the app.

You can also use third-party sites like Tune.pk to generate Spotify QR codes. Just search for the content you want to share and click create QR code.

QR Code Tips for Sharing Music

Check out these handy tips for getting the most out of Spotify QR codes when sharing music:

  • Share codes alongside descriptions – When posting your QR codes on social media or messaging apps, include a description of the content so people know what they’re scanning.
  • Customize playlists before sharing – Curate playlists before sharing to showcase your favorite tracks or set a specific vibe.
  • Share a range of content types – QR codes work for albums, artists and playlists as well as individual songs.
  • Promote your artist profile – Aspiring musicians can generate QR codes for their Spotify artist profile to drive listeners to their page.
  • Print on stickers and merch – For bands and content creators, include Spotify codes on posters, stickers and merch to engage fans.
  • Link in email newsletters – Newsletters are a great place to add Spotify QR codes to embed relevant music.
  • Share key tracks from a new album – Music marketers can use QR codes on social media and ads to highlight songs from new releases.
  • Add music to your social bio – Put a QR code linking to your favorite playlist or artist profile in your social media bios.
  • Create scannable playlists for events – Make custom playlists for parties, weddings or business events, and share the QR code on invitations or displays.
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Grow Your Spotify Audience with QR Codes

Embedding Spotify QR codes on your website, merchandise, event flyers, social accounts and anywhere else you can think of is an excellent tactic for reaching new Spotify listeners.

With just one quick scan you can provide instant access to your tracks. This makes it easy for people to preview your music and become regular listeners. Plus it provides a seamless way to share songs, albums and playlists you love to let friends discover new music.

So try creating and sharing those scannable squares today. Spotify QR codes can help take your music sharing and discovery game to the next level!


Spotify QR codes provide a quick and convenient way to share music digitally. By generating a code for any song, album, playlist or artist, you can give people instant access to the content you want them to hear.

Scannable Spotify codes are great for social sharing, music marketing, event playlists, artist promotion and general music discovery. Use the tips in this post to create and share QR codes that spread your musical messages.

So fire up the Spotify app, create those squares and start connecting people with the music you love!

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