Why Has Spotify Launched A New Feature That Allows Users To “Predict” What They Will Listen To In 2024?

I blinked my eyes in surprise when I first saw Spotify’s unusual new feature recently pop up on my home screen. “Predict your top artists and songs you’ll be streaming in 2024,” it proclaimed enthusiastically. I felt both intrigued yet slightly unnerved by the idea of envisioning my future musical tastes. 

As I clicked in and began listing artists like a fortune teller stoking their crystal ball, I started wondering – why does Spotify want me to imagine my listening habits two whole years from now? What do they gain from having me gaze into this audio future? The more predictions I made, the more befuddled I felt.

Then suddenly the penny dropped. Of course this wasn’t just a quirky new feature – there were calculated motivations behind Spotify cajoling me to forecast my 2024 musical moods. 

My first thought was this could be a clever way for Spotify to incentivize users like me to keep coming back over time to see if our predictions shaped up. Will my guess that I’ll be jamming to neo-swing music in 2024 actually come true? The only way to find out is to stay tuned to Spotify as the months roll on. By getting me invested in my future listening habits, they also get me more engaged with their platform. It felt strangely satisfying envisioning myself as a devoted Spotify user years down the line.

Another motivation dawned on me as I pictured hordes of users also making their future music picks. What an incredible crystal ball this could be for Spotify to track rising trends! If thousands of people predict they’ll turn to atmoblack metal or cloud rap in 2024, that would signal to Spotify the explosively cool genres they should start nurturing right now. 

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As I entered prediction after hopeful prediction, I smiled as I realized the other key way this could benefit my beloved Spotify – using these glimpses into the musical future to improve how their magical algorithms understand my personal tastes. I even threw in a few curveball artists, just to keep Spotify on their toes as they curate my personalized playlists over the next couple years!

In the end, while forecasting my 2024 favorites made for an eye-opening Spotify experience, it clearly plays strongly into their hands when it comes strategizing around engagement, research and recommendations. But for now, only time will tell if my predictions manifest into reality or not. Will my heart still swoon for pop punk two years from now? Here’s hoping Spotify’s algorithms will keep me covered either way!


Music streaming giant Spotify recently rolled out a new feature that encourages users to gaze into their audio crystal ball and predict what artists and songs they’ll be streaming in 2024. 

This unusual new tool is part of Spotify’s annual music prediction campaign, where they crunch data to forecast next year’s breakthrough artists. But this time they’re getting users involved by having them envision their future listening habits.

So why is Spotify keen to have you predict your own musical future? There are a few potential reasons driving this:

User Engagement Play

Firstly, it’s a clever user engagement tactic. Having listeners visualize and make assumptions about their future listening preferences primes them to use Spotify more in order to see if their predictions were right. It gets the Spotify brand front and center in users’ minds when contemplating their long-term music tastes.

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Market Research

Additionally, aggregating all these user predictions provides Spotify with valuable market research into what artists and trends are capturing listener’s attention and imagination right now. If 500,000 users predict they’ll be jamming to hyperpop or country rap in 2024, it signals to Spotify the rising genres they should support and promote.

Personalization Push 

Examining users’ future music predictions also allows Spotify to improve its personalization and recommendations. If you signal an interest in Gothic country by predicting you’ll be listening to it in 2024, Spotify can start peppering your discover weekly playlists with Gothic country cuts today in order to matches your tastes.

So while predicting your own near-future listening habits may seem just like a fun novelty, it actually interplays neatly with a number of Spotify’s strategic priorities around engagement, research and personalization. And of course, it gets everyone talking about Spotify again as we approach the end of the year. Clever indeed!

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