15 Ways To Get Spotify Premium For Cheaper!

Spotify Premium is a great service for listening to music without ads and enjoying extra features like offline listening. However, the regular $9.99/month price tag can feel a bit steep when you’re on a tight budget. Luckily, there are quite a few legit ways to get Spotify Premium for cheaper, or even free in some cases! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some of the best methods for lowering the cost of a Spotify Premium subscription.

Use a student discount

One of the easiest ways to save money on Spotify Premium is to sign up with a student discount. Spotify offers Premium plans for students at just $4.99/month, a 50% savings!

To qualify, you’ll need to verify that you’re currently enrolled at a university, college, or other higher education institution. Once verified, you can enjoy the same Spotify Premium features for half off the regular price. This discount lasts for up to 4 years while you remain a student.

The student plan also includes an ad-supported Hulu subscription and SHOWTIME subscription at no extra cost. That’s a ton of additional entertainment value!

Just make sure your school and enrollment status are eligible before signing up. Most accredited colleges and universities should work fine, but it never hurts to verify on Spotify’s website first.

Split a family plan

Spotify Premium Family allows up to 6 users on a single plan for just $15/month. By finding 5 other people to join your family group, you can each pay only $2.50/month for full Premium access!

The key is making sure everyone in your group is trustworthy. You don’t want someone dropping out unexpectedly and sticking you with the higher monthly cost. But if you split a family plan with responsible friends or family members, it’s one of the cheapest ways to get Spotify Premium.

You’ll need to provide Spotify with your home address to confirm eligibility for a family plan. Other than that, the process is pretty straightforward. Just send invite links to the other members and save 85% monthly!

Seek out promotions and free trial offers

Occasionally Spotify runs special deals or extends their Premium free trial period. It never hurts to keep an eye out for promotions and take advantage when possible!

For example, around the holidays they sometimes offer 3 months of Spotify Premium for just $0.99 total. That breaks down to just $0.33 per month! Set a calendar reminder to cancel before the 3 months are up, and you’ve scored an incredible short-term deal.

Free trial offers are also worth considering if you want to test out Premium without commitment. The standard free trial is 30 days, but sometimes Spotify temporarily extends this to 60 or 90 days which is very generous.

Follow Spotify on social media or check for deals online to stay on top of promotions like these. Act fast when you see one to maximize your savings!

Use Spotify gift cards strategically

Spotify gift cards can be a cost-effective way to pay for Premium if used strategically. The key is to only redeem gift cards that you purchased at a discount.

Around the holidays, retailers like Amazon and Target run gift card promotion sales. You may be able to find $50 Spotify gift cards for $40 or $100 cards for $80. Stack up on these discounted gift cards when available!

With discounted gift card funds in your account, you can stretch out how long those funds provide Spotify access. Only redeem the gift cards for payment when necessary.

As an example, let’s say you stack $100 in discounted gift card balance, paying just $80 for it. If you redeem $10 of that balance each month for Premium, you’ve effectively lowered your monthly cost to just $8 for 10 months!

Gift cards require some planning and deal hunting, but can be a brilliant Spotify Premium cost-cutting strategy.

Use Google Play Points

If you frequently make purchases through the Google Play store, you may have accumulated Google Play Points. These reward points can be redeemed towards purchases, effectively giving you free store credit.

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You can redeem Google Play Points towards a Spotify Premium subscription purchased through the Google Play store. 500 points gets you $5 off, which isn’t huge but can add up if you save up points over time.

Check on the Rewards page in the Google Play app to see how many points you currently have available. Then browse the available rewards and cash in your points whenever you need to pay for Spotify Premium.

Split the annual cost with friends

Here’s a creative way to save: If you can get a friend (or family member) to split the upfront annual cost of Spotify Premium with you, it’s much cheaper than paying monthly.

For example, a 1-year Spotify Premium gift card currently costs $99. Splitting that cost with a friend means you each pay $49.50 upfront. Across 12 months that’s only $4.13 per month for each of you!

Compared to the regular $9.99 monthly price, you’ll each be saving 58% by pre-paying annually and splitting the cost. Of course you’re trusting the other person to stick with the plan for the full year. But among responsible friends, it’s a very effective approach.

You can use the same 1-year gift card code for 2 separate accounts. Just have the card purchaser send the claim code to the other person. Then log in and redeem the code on each of your accounts. Easy savings!

Get Spotify Premium with select cell phone plans

Some cell phone carriers offer Spotify Premium bundled at no extra charge with certain data plans. For example, T-Mobile offers a plan that includes unlimited talk, text, and data as well as a subscription to Spotify Premium.

No matter which carrier you’re with, check their latest plans to see if any include Spotify Premium access. As long as you were already planning to pay for an eligible data plan, this is a great way to get Spotify at no extra cost.

Just keep in mind that this Premium access is tied to your phone plan. If you switch carriers or plans, you’ll lose the included Spotify subscription. But as long as you’re sticking with the same provider and data plan, it’s an awesome deal!

Use Spotify gift cards from Rewards programs

Many airline frequent flyer programs and hotel rewards programs allow you to redeem points for gift cards, including Spotify gift cards. With a little strategic saving and redemption of points, this can be a fabulously inexpensive way to pay for Spotify.

For example, American Airlines lets you redeem AAdvantage miles for a $60 Spotify gift card for just 7,500 miles. Depending on factors like where you live and your flight/spending habits, you could earn 7,500 miles pretty quickly.

Check the gift card redemption options in any rewards programs you participate in to see if Spotify is available. The miles/points requirements likely vary between programs. But if you have plenty of unredeemed rewards currency, trade it in for Spotify gift cards!

Keep an eye out for Spotify giveaways

Though not a reliable or predictable method, one way you may luck into a free Spotify Premium subscription is by winning a giveaway.

Technology blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, and other media outlets occasionally run giveaways with Spotify subscriptions as prizes. To find these giveaways, follow tech news sites in your RSS reader or social media feeds.

You can also search Google for terms like “Spotify giveaway” and “Win Spotify Premium” every so often to turn up the latest options.

Giveaway prizes are often for 3, 6, or 12 months of complimentary Spotify Premium access. If you get lucky and win, make sure to take advantage of the full free trial length. Then budget to start actually paying for Spotify once the giveaway period ends. But you might as well enter for a chance to win without paying a cent for Spotify for several months!

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Sign up with a virtual mail forwarding service

This tricky technique takes a bit more effort but can save you about 33% off Spotify Premium’s regular price!

The key is leveraging pricing differences between countries and using a virtual mail forwarding service to appear eligible for cheaper Spotify Premium.

For example, Premium costs $9.99/month in the US but only ~$7.00/month in Argentina. Services like MailboxDe allow you to sign up for a virtual mailing address in another country.

You can use your mailboxde.com address to sign up for Spotify Premium in Argentina (or another country where its cheaper). The service will then forward the verification letter to your real address, allowing you to complete the signup at the lower price.

The monthly savings of $3 add up quickly. Just make sure to compare pricing across countries and pick the cheapest option for maximum savings. And be aware that Spotify may crack down on location “spoofing” like this eventually. But it works for now!

Let rewards programs earn cashback

Sites like Rakuten, Swagbucks, and TopCashback offer cashback at hundreds of retailers. Several of these cashback services let you earn rewards on Spotify purchases including Premium subscriptions.

For example, TopCashback currently offers $30 cashback for new Spotify Premium subscribers. Rakuten offers 5% cashback which would equal about $0.50 per month. That’s not a ton but hey, it adds up over time.

Make sure to go through the cashback sites when signing up for or renewing Spotify Premium subscriptions. Then let the cashback rewards slowly accumulate over your subscription period.

It only takes a few extra clicks to route your purchase through the cashback portal. So you might as well earn a little rebate since the offers are there!

Investigate group & community deals

Certain membership programs and online communities sometimes broker special deals for Spotify Premium subscriptions. For example, the Cal Alumni Association offers members Spotify for Students for just $4.99/month.

So if you belong to any alumni groups, professional associations, or even neighbourhood Facebook groups, ask around to see if they have arranged discounted Spotify access.

There’s a chance that through your communities and memberships you already have access to Spotify savings. It’s worth inquiring about so you don’t miss out on little-advertised deals and group rates.

Hop between free trial periods

This tactic requires constantly creating new Spotify accounts, so it’s rather tedious. But if you don’t mind the hassle, it’s possible to use the 1-month free Premium trial back-to-back across new accounts.

Of course Spotify discourages repeatedly taking advantage of the free trial offer. But as long as you space out your new accounts sufficiently, using a different name, email, and payment method each time, it may work for short periods.

The problem is that Spotify likely tracks your device ID, so switching accounts on the same smartphone or computer probably won’t fool their systems. You’ll need to access your test accounts through varied devices.

We recommend pursing the other cost-saving methods first. But if you’re in a pinch, bouncing between free trials across carefully created new accounts can buy you some time. Just don’t make a habit of it!

Get Spotify Premium Free with Discord Nitro

Discord Nitro is Discord’s premium subscription that offers users extra perks like animated emojis, bigger file uploads, custom profile badges, and more. One of the lesser-known perks of Discord Nitro is that it comes with free access to Spotify Premium!

So if you already subscribe to Discord Nitro or were thinking of getting it anyway for the chat perks, you can take advantage of the free Spotify Premium membership that comes with it. This saves you from paying for Spotify Premium separately.

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Discord Nitro costs $9.99/month or $99.99 per year. Since this is around the same price as Spotify Premium alone, you’re basically getting both subscriptions for the price of one. Just link your Spotify account in Discord to activate the Premium access. Then start enjoying ad-free, uninterrupted music!

Get Spotify Premium with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

For gamers, getting Spotify Premium could be as easy as signing up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Microsoft’s premium gaming subscription service includes all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, access to over 100 games, exclusive discounts, and more.

Another nice perk is that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bundles in a subscription to Spotify Premium! So for $14.99/month, you can get access to a huge game library AND ad-free music streaming.

As long as you were already interested in paying for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, this is a super easy way to add Spotify Premium without any additional costs. Just make sure to link your Spotify and Xbox accounts. For the price of one subscription, you’ll be able to play tons of games and listen to unlimited music!


Are these Spotify saving methods legal?

Most of the strategies in this guide are perfectly legal and within Spotify’s terms of service. However, abusing free trials and location spoofing could violate Spotify’s rules. We recommend pursuing the other money-saving options first. Use your best judgment!

Can I get Spotify Premium free with Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately Spotify Premium does not currently come bundled with an Amazon Prime subscription. However, Prime members can save money on Spotify gift cards to reduce the cost. Make sure to also explore Prime’s entertainment benefits like Prime Music and Prime Video!

What happens when my Spotify Premium trial or offer ends?

Once your discounted or free Spotify Premium access expires, you will automatically be switched to a regular paid Premium plan at the full monthly price (unless you cancel ahead of time). So be sure to set reminders if you need to cancel a trial or switch payment methods.

Is it easy to cancel Spotify Premium?

Yes, Spotify makes it very easy to cancel your Premium subscription online at any time. Just log into your account, visit the account settings, and click “Cancel Premium.” You can also sign back up again at any point if you cancel and change your mind.

Does Spotify offer refunds?

Generally Spotify only offers refunds in special circumstances and within 60 days of payment. To request a refund, contact Spotify customer support. But bear in mind refunds are not guaranteed under normal conditions outlined in the Spotify Premium agreement.

Can I use a Spotify gift card if I’m already subscribed?

Yes, Spotify gift card credits can be redeemed by both existing Spotify subscribers and new users. Just make sure your account region matches the gift card region. Add the gift card to your Spotify account wallet via the website to save on upcoming charges.


I hope this thorough guide has illuminated all the tricks for reducing your Spotify Premium costs! While nothing can realistically make the subscription entirely free forever, there are plenty of creative ways to cut down the monthly fees.

No single method will work perfectly for everyone. But by mix and matching a few money-saving techniques, you can drastically reduce how much you pay for Spotify Premium access.

At the end of the day, finding an affordable middle ground that works with your budget and needs is the ideal approach. Spotify Premium delivers an amazing listening experience, especially compared to the free tier. By following the strategies in this post, you can get that premium music enjoyment without breaking the bank!

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