Getting Lifetime Spotify Premium – Is It Really Possible?

Spotify has become one of the most popular music streaming services, with over 456 million users worldwide. With Spotify Premium, you get ad-free listening, offline downloads, high-quality audio, and more. But can you get Lifetime Spotify Premium? Let’s explore the possibilities.

Why Lifetime Spotify Premium is Appealing

A lifetime subscription to Spotify Premium would be an amazing deal for any music lover. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • No ads ever: Spotify’s free tier includes audio and visual ads. Premium removes all those interruptions. You could enjoy uninterrupted music forever.
  • Download and listen offline: With Premium you can download tracks, albums, and playlists to your device to listen offline when you don’t have an internet connection. Great for plane rides, road trips, or anytime you’re away from WiFi.
  • High quality audio: Premium streams music in 320kbps, compared to 160kbps for free users. The enhanced audio quality allows you to hear every detail of your favorite tracks.
  • Unlimited skips: Tired of being limited to only 6 skips per hour? With Premium you get unlimited track skips. Listen however you want.
  • Listen on all devices: Premium allows you to seamlessly listen across your phone, tablet, computer, speakers, TV, and more. Stay connected to your music.
  • Custom playlists and radio: Create customized playlists or let Spotify generate endless personalized radio stations tailored to your tastes.

Having access to all these features forever, without any subscription costs, would be a music lover’s dream. But is it really achievable?

Can You Actually Get Lifetime Spotify Premium?

Unfortunately there is no straightforward way to simply purchase or acquire a lifetime Spotify Premium account. Spotify’s terms of service only allow redeeming 12-month Premium gift cards or prepaid plans maximum.

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However, there are some little known tricks and loopholes that may allow you to stretch a Spotify Premium subscription indefinitely:

Method 1: Family Sharing

Spotify Family allows up to 6 accounts to share one Premium plan for just $15/month total. You could potentially find 5 other people to share the cost with you and lock in Premium access as long as the family exists.

Of course, the risks here are that someone may forget to pay their share, or Spotify could update their family sharing policy. But as of now, this method can work.

Method 2: Argentina Loophole

Due to pricing differences around the world, Spotify Premium in Argentina costs much less than other countries – around $1-2 per month. Some users report signing up with an Argentine VPN and address, then switching back to their home country to retain the low price.

However, this loophole could close at any time. Spotify may require Argentine payment methods to maintain the discounted pricing. Still, it has provided nearly free Premium for some.

Method 3: Lifetime Device Plans

Certain mobile providers have offered “lifetime” Spotify Premium with new device plans, although the terms usually limit it to the life of the mobile contract or device. For example, Sprint US previously offered free Spotify Premium for the life of certain unlimited contracts.

If you happened to take advantage of an offer like that, you may be able to keep enjoying Premium by simply not changing your mobile service. Of course, staying on outdated devices or contracts forever may not be practical.

Method 4: Gift Card Stacking

Some users report buying discounted Spotify gift cards when on sale, then redeeming them all at once to stack Premium time. For example, if you bought ten 1-year gift cards at 20% off, you’d have 10 years of Premium for the price of 8 years.

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The limit here is that Spotify may cap gift card redemptions to a maximum of 5 years paid up front. But if you space out redemptions, this could yield a very long Premium subscription.

Method 5: Wait for Giveaways and Free Offers

Occasionally Spotify and other companies give away free Spotify Premium trials or extended plans for promotions. For example, Spotify has previously offered 3 months Premium free for new users.

By taking advantage of enough special offers and giveaways over time, you may be able to score enough free Premium time to carry you for years. Of course, there’s no guarantee when or how often these deals occur. But if you watch for them, it can really add up.

Is a Lifetime Spotify Premium Account Worth It?

Assuming you can finagle your way into an indefinite Spotify Premium access, is it really worthwhile? Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Get all Premium features forever without paying recurring fees
  • Enjoy ad-free, high quality music streaming
  • Support Spotify, your favorite artists, and the music industry


  • Requires exploiting loopholes which may stop working
  • Features limited to what Spotify provides – no ownership of songs
  • Music selection subject to change based on licensing deals
  • May miss out on deals and gifts only for new/returning users

Ultimately, the perks of unlimited Spotify Premium far outweigh the costs for most music fans. But you’ll have to decide if securing lifetime access is worth the effort and risks involved.

Can You Get Banned for Premium Account Sharing?

Since Spotify prohibits account sharing beyond Family plans, you do risk your account being suspended or banned if you take advantage of loopholes like friend and family sharing. This is especially true if you access your account from multiple locations or devices simultaneously.

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However, many users report sharing accounts safely for years with no issues. The chances of a ban may increase if you brag about your lifetime access publicly or abuse the service. As long as you keep a low profile, you should be fine. But nothing is guaranteed forever.

Are There Legal Issues with Abusing Spotify Premium Offers?

There don’t appear to be major legal concerns with exploiting Spotify Premium loopholes for personal use. However, if you share paid accounts extensively or resell promoter offers, you could get in trouble for things like fraud or copyright infringement.

As always, consult a lawyer if you have concerns. But casual personal use of Spotify Premium promotions or gift cards should not pose any civil or criminal legal risks. Just don’t try to mass produce or sell Premium subscriptions without Spotify’s authorization.

Conclusion: Is Lifetime Spotify Premium Worth Pursuing?

Getting unlimited, free Spotify Premium would clearly be an incredible deal if you could actually achieve it. However, the available methods require either lucking into the right promotion, exploiting unstable loopholes, or sharing access long-term with others.

There’s certainly no perfect solution. But if you’re willing to be creative and keep your expectations reasonable, you may be able to string together enough gift cards, family plans, and country switches to give yourself decades of ad-free music streaming. For the die-hard Spotify fan, it may well be worth the effort.

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