Spotify Internship 2024: Positions, Application, and Tips

For college students interested in technology, music, data science, marketing, and more, a Spotify internship provides an incredible opportunity to gain real world experience at one of the world’s top music streaming platforms.

As Spotify continues expanding globally and innovating new products, competition for coveted internship roles remains high. If you want a chance to intern at Spotify in 2024, read on for details on open intern positions, the application process, interview preparation tips, and what life is like as a Spotify intern.

Open Internships Offered by Spotify in 2024

Spotify offers paid undergraduate internship opportunities across a variety of teams and focus areas. Here are some of the Spotify internships expected to be available for 2024:

  • Software Engineering – Build web, mobile, backend and infrastructure tech powering Spotify.
  • Product Design – Create intuitive Spotify consumer product experiences.
  • Data Science – Leverage data to understand customers and products.
  • Research – Conduct studies to gain insights into consumer behavior.
  • User Operations – Ensure music licensing compliance and content quality.
  • Marketing – Develop campaigns that engage users and attract new ones.
  • Advertising Sales – Sell and manage relationships with brand partners.
  • Finance – Support business planning, forecasting, reporting and strategy.

So whether your skills are technical, creative, analytical or business-focused, Spotify likely has an internship opportunity that fits.

Spotify Internship Locations in 2024

In 2024, Spotify is expected to offer their global internship program in these office locations:

  • New York, NY
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Boston, MA
  • London, UK
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Singapore

Certain teams may have roles in additional cities, but major hubs like New York, San Francisco, London and Stockholm host the bulk of interns. You can indicate location preference when applying.

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Spotify Internship Application Process

To apply for a 2024 internship, the process typically involves:

  • Applying during the September – November window before the internship summer.
  • Submitting your application, resume, cover letter and transcripts online.
  • Partaking in 2-4 rounds of interviews consisting of both technical questions and general interviews.
  • Receiving final decisions by November – December for the upcoming summer.
  • Confirming participation and completing any preliminary onboarding items.
  • Going through full orientation and onboarding upon internship start date.

So the application process begins very early and is quite extensive, but rewards those who prepare thoroughly.

Tips to Stand Out for a Spotify Internship

Due to high competition, you need to stand out during the application and interview process:

  • Highlight specialized skills tailored to the specific internship role you want.
  • Convey passion for Spotify’s products and mission through your cover letter.
  • Show leadership experience from student organizations or extracurriculars.
  • Emphasize analytical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Ask smart, thoughtful questions during interviews to show engagement.
  • If tech roles, highlight coding proficiency in specific languages Spotify uses.
  • Proactively research your interviewers on LinkedIn beforehand when possible.
  • Express interest in music, technology, data and product design.
  • Follow up promptly after interviews thanking interviewers for their time.

Going above and beyond during both application and interviews is key to securing a coveted Spotify internship slot.

Preparing for the Spotify Internship Interview

To interview successfully for a Spotify internship:

  • Study the type of technical questions asked for your role – coding, stats, marketing strategies, etc.
  • Use Glassdoor to find common behavioral interview questions asked and craft talking points.
  • Practice discussing relevant coursework, projects and skills you want to highlight.
  • Prepare intelligent questions to ask your interviewers to show interest.
  • Review Spotify’s products and mission so you understand their initiatives.
  • Brush up on Spotify’s history and competitors.
  • Be ready to complete a case study or skills assessment – write code, analyze data, critique designs, etc.
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Putting in prep work improves your chances of interning at the highly competitive Spotify.

What is the Spotify Internship Experience Like?

As a Spotify intern, you can expect:

  • Paid salary competitive with top tech companies.
  • Meaningful work and learning – you’ll be a real team member, not just getting coffee!
  • Working on a 6 month project under manager and mentor guidance.
  • Networking opportunities with leaders, experienced employees, and fellow interns.
  • Fun perks like free Spotify Premium, office snacks, and team outings.
  • Intern hackathons, speaker series, and social events.
  • Potential for full-time position offer if you excel.

Spotify aims to provide interns an educational yet entertaining experience.

Housing and Relocation for Spotify Interns

Most out-of-towners interning at Spotify will need to relocate for the summer. Spotify provides support by:

  • Offering housing stipends to help cover summer housing costs.
  • Providing relocation assistance if outside the internship office location.
  • Pointing interns to useful housing resources and Facebook groups.
  • Allowing flexible remote internships for some teams if relocation not preferable.

So Spotify realizes relocating just for a summer internship can be challenging and helps ease the burden.

How an Internship Leads to a Full-Time Spotify Job

A Spotify internship can fast track you for full-time employment if you perform well:

  • Many interns receive return offers for future internships or full-time roles if they meet expectations.
  • You get extended networking time with leaders who can advocate for your hiring.
  • Interns have a strong knowledge advantage having already worked within the company.
  • Conversion rates from intern to full-time employee are higher than external hires.
  • Your specialized intern project gives you unique experience to highlight on resumes.
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So impress leadership and demonstrate the value you provide during your internship to boost your hiring prospects.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Break Into Spotify!

For both music and technology lovers, interning at Spotify is an incredible foot in the door to future employment, unparalleled industry knowledge, and networking possibilities.

The competition is stiff, but come prepared with a focused resume, practiced interviews, and passionate drive. The hands-on learning and pride from contributing to one of the world’s hottest startups makes sweating through the application process all worthwhile.

So take the leap and put yourself out there for the internship opportunity of a lifetime! You won’t regret it.

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