How Much Is Spotify Premium In Naira?

For music fans in Nigeria looking to upgrade to an ad-free Spotify Premium account, it’s helpful to know how local pricing compares to plans in other countries. With Spotify now available in Nigeria, Premium subscription rates are adjusted based on the Nigerian naira currency. The question will be, how much is Spotify premium in naira, which is the official currency in Nigeria?

Read on for full details on current Spotify Premium pricing in naira for Individual, Family, Student, and Duo plans. Get the scoop on Premium subscription costs to enjoy unlimited music tailored specifically for the Nigerian market.

Spotify Premium Individual Plan Price in Naira

The monthly price in Nigeria for an individual Spotify Premium subscription is:

  • ₦1,300 per month when paying month-to-month
  • ₦7,800 per year when prepaying annually for a full year

So paying per year saves around ₦1,600 over paying monthly every month. Both offer ad-free listening and offline downloads.

How Much is Spotify Premium for Students in Nigeria?

For eligible students in Nigeria, Spotify Premium is discounted 50% to just:

  • ₦650 per month with verification of active university enrollment

So Nigerian students can grab Premium for half the standard price, allowing access even on tight budgets.

Family Plan Spotify Premium Price in Naira

Spotify Premium for Family allows up to 6 people to share one plan. In Nigeria, Family pricing is:

  • ₦1,900 per month when billed monthly
  • ₦22,800 per year when prepaying annually upfront

Family plans allow families to save by sharing the cost across multiple members.

How Much is Spotify Duo Premium in Naira?

Spotify Duo enables two people to share one Premium plan. The Spotify Duo cost in Nigeria is:

  • ₦1,300 per month when paying month-to-month
  • ₦15,600 per year when prepaying annually
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So Duo splits the standard Premium price between two people.

Naira Cost for Premium vs Free Spotify

Standard Spotify including access on mobile, desktop, and tablets is free with:

  • Ad interruptions
  • Shuffle only mode
  • Limited song skips
  • Standard sound quality

So paying for Premium removes ads, allows on-demand playback, and adds offline listening for just ₦1,300 per month. Great for heavy listeners.

Saving on Spotify Premium in Nigeria

While Premium pricing is standardized, here are some ways to reduce the cost in Nigeria:

  • Split with family or friends – Share a Family or Duo plan to save over Individual Premium.
  • Verify student status – Students get 50% off with eligibility verification.
  • Buy gift cards – Occasionally discounted gift cards can lower effective price.
  • Team up with telcos – Some carriers offer Spotify bundles or deals.

With some deal hunting, the already affordable Premium rates can get even cheaper!

How Spotify Premium in Naira Compares

Globally Spotify Premium costs around $9.99 USD in other markets, with minor variations. Here is how Nigerian pricing compares:

  • ₦1,300 per month is approx. $3 USD when converted.
  • So significantly lower than $9.99 USD pricing.
  • But Excellent value in Nigeria for unlimited music access!

When adjusting for cost of living differences globally, Spotify Premium remains a bargain for Nigerian music fans in local currency.

Payment Options for Spotify Premium in Nigeria

Users in Nigeria can pay their Naira priced Spotify Premium subscription using:

  • Debit/Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard and other card issuers.
  • Mobile Carrier Billing – Some carriers like Airtel may directly bill your monthly service.
  • Bank Transfer – Link bank account to pay monthly subscription.
  • Gift Cards – Redeem Nigerian gift card credit on Spotify.
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No matter how you pay, unlimited Premium Spotify in Nigeria costs just ₦1,300 monthly!

Don’t Miss Out on Nigerian Music with Premium!

At just ₦1,300 per month, Spotify Premium offers Nigerians an affordable ad-free music experience fully optimized for enjoying Nigerian artists and your favorite global hits.

Take your music offline, listen uninterrupted, and explore Nigerian music with Premium’s enhanced features. Upgrade now to enjoy unlimited music tailored for the Nigerian market all completely ad-free! No more disruptive ads interrupting your groove.

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