How To Get Unlimited Skips On Spotify?

Spotify is one of the world’s top music streaming platforms, offering access to over 82 million songs and 4.7 billion playlists. But if you’re using Spotify’s free ad-supported tier, one frustration is being limited to only 6 skips per hour. Power listeners who plough through playlists quickly can find themselves abruptly stopped in their tracks. So , it’s good to know how to get unlimited skips on Spotify!

The good news is there are ways to unlock unlimited track skips on Spotify, no matter what type of account you have. In this guide, we’ll explain the ins and outs of Spotify’s skip limits and walk through simple methods for bypassing the restrictions entirely. Soon you’ll be skipping to your heart’s content!

Understanding Spotify’s Skip Limits

First, let’s briefly recap how Spotify limiting works so you understand exactly what we need to “hack”:

– Spotify Free users are allowed 6 skips per hour, then unlimited skips for 1 song. After that song finishes, 6 more skips are allotted.

Spotify Premium subscribers normally have completely unlimited skips with no restrictions.

– After using up Free tier skips, playback stops and prompts you to upgrade to Premium.

– Spotify counts skipping a song shortly after it starts as a “skip”, while letting a song play over 30 seconds does not count. 

– The skip timer resets after 1 hour, granting 6 more skips. Or immediately after hitting the upgrade prompt.

The idea behind limiting Free users is clearly to drive more Premium subscriptions. But never fear, with the tricks we’re about to cover, you can say goodbye to skip limits and hello to unlimited control of your music!

Method #1: Use Spotify in a Web Browser with Ad Blocker

The simplest way to enjoy unlimited ad-free listening and skipping on Spotify is to use the web player in your browser with an ad blocking extension installed. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Install an ad blocker like uBlock Origin or AdBlock Plus in your preferred internet browser.

2. Visit open.spotify.com and log into your Spotify account.

3. Play any playlist or album and start skipping to your heart’s content!

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4. The ad blocker will automatically block all audio ads and skip limits.

5. You can also use private/incognito browsing windows to avoid skips resetting. 

This method essentially gives you a Premium experience in the browser by blocking Spotify’s ads and restrictions. No need to pay for Premium just to have unlimited skips!

Downsides are you can only listen on one device and won’t have advanced features like offline playlists. But for unlimited desktop listening, using an ad blocker is hands down the easiest free option.

Method #2: Use a Modified Spotify APK (Android Only)

Android users can unlock unlimited skips by installing a modded Spotify APK (app file). These customized APK files have tweaks to enable unlimited skips. 

Here’s how to get unlimited skips with a modded Spotify APK on Android:

1. On your Android device, download a modified Spotify APK from a trusted site like APKMirror.

2. Enable “Install from Unknown Sources” in Android settings to allow sideloading. 

3. Install the downloaded APK file and open the modded Spotify app.

4. You now have unlimited skips and no shuffle restrictions!

5. Repeat with updated APK versions if Spotify pushes app changes.

The advantage here is you get unlimited skips on mobile, offline listening, and all the perks of the real Spotify app. The caveat is you have to sideload Spotify versus downloading from the Google Play Store.

This is a popular tactic amongst Android power users but does violate Spotify’s terms so use at your own discretion. For iOS devices, keep reading for other skip limit workarounds.

Method #3: Use an Automated Skipping Script 

If manually tapping the skip button is tedious, you can leverage an automated skipping script to do the work for you.

These scripts will detect ads or skip limits and automatically skip songs or click buttons to keep music flowing. Here’s how to use one:

1. On your computer, install an automated skip script like SpotiFree or SpotiSkip.

2. Run the script while listening to Spotify on your computer.

3. The script clicks past any ads, shuffle limits, or skip restrictions.

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4. Adjust script settings like skip delay times or ad detection sensitivity as needed.

5. Set the script to run automatically when you launch Spotify.

Automated skipping scripts act like a Spotify Premium version unlocked for your computer. And the auto-clicking eliminates tiresome manual skipping. Just set and forget!

Method #4: Use a Spotify Playlist Optimized for Skipping 

With this creative trick, you can maximize your 6 hourly skips on mobile by listening to playlists built specifically to allow seamless skipping.

Follow these tips for making Spotify playlists optimized for skipping:

– Add songs that are very short (under 30 seconds). Skipping these doesn’t count against limit.

– Include long tracks of 10+ minutes. Listening for over 30 seconds allows skipping other songs.

– Add tracks from the same album or artist to avoid breaking flow.

– Minimize abrupt genre changes that incentivize skipping.

– Put your most disliked songs at the end so you can use up skips.

– Automate optimized playlists so they dynamically update with new short/long songs.

With the right playlist composition, you can grind through tracks while barely tapping your skip allotment. Limit won’t be unlimited but you can go much longer without hitting the dreaded upgrade prompt.

Method #5: Use Spotify Family Plan to Share Skips

If you don’t mind paying a small fee, consider getting a Spotify Family Plan subscription. For about $15/month, you can share Spotify Premium with up to 5 other friends or family members.

Some key ways this unlocks unlimited skips:

– Each Family Plan member gets their own Premium account with unlimited skips.

– Family members can be acquaintances just for sharing Premium benefits.

– Split the cost across 5 or 6 people for cheaper unlimited skips.

– Family Plan works across countries so team up with international friends!

While not completely free, dividing the cost of a Family Plan subscription can be cheaper than everyone paying individually. Plus you get to enjoy unlimited ad-free Spotify Premium. Sharing is caring!

Get Creative: More Ways to Bypass Skip Limits

Part of the fun is finding creative loopholes and tricks to get around Spotify restrictions. Here are a few more “outside the box” ways to gain unlimited skips:

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– Use offline mode to avoid skip counting – toggling airplane mode works too! 

– Cast Spotify from desktop to smart speakers for ad-free room listening.

– Use a Google Home or Amazon Echo for voice-controlled skipping.

– Try third-party apps that offer skips for watching video ads instead of upgrading. 

– Automate DIY hardware bots to physically tap skip buttons.

– Ask customer support nicely to remove skip limits from your account (long shot!)

See what ingenious methods you can brainstorm to outsmart the system! Where there’s a will, there’s a workaround.

Pitfalls and Risks of Removing Spotify Skip Limits

While we’ve covered several effective tactics for bypassing skip restrictions, it’s worth noting a few downsides and risks associated with some approaches:

– Modified/cracked apps violate terms of use and can contain malware. Use reputable sources.

– Constant skipping and ad-blocking hurts artists and Spotify financially long-term. 

– Over-automating takes the joy out of discovering new music organically.

– Cat-and-mouse game as Spotify constantly evolves restrictions to prevent exploits.

– Account termination risks if using prohibited tricks, especially for commercial use.

As with any creative hack, just be mindful of potential pitfalls. But skipping with moderation poses little risk for personal enjoyment.

Key Takeaways for Unlocking Unlimited Spotify Skips  

In summary, here are the key options for gaining unlimited skips on Spotify:

– Use desktop web player with an ad blocker enabled

– Install modded Spotify APK on Android (use carefully) 

– Leverage automated skipping scripts or bots 

– Create specialized playlists optimized for skipping  

– Split a Spotify Family Plan subscription

– Get creative with loopholes and hacks like offline mode

While free mobile skips remain limited without Premium, with the right method you can break through restrictions to skip to your heart’s content. What skipping tactics have worked for you? Now get out there, skip freely and enjoy complete control of your Spotify playlists!

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