How Many Spotify Devices Can You Use?

Spotify has become one of the world’s most popular music streaming services, with over 456 million monthly active users as of 2022. With so many people enjoying Spotify, a common question arises – just how many device or devices can you use Spotify on with a single account? 

In this comprehensive beginner’s guide, we’ll explain Spotify’s device limit policies for both Free and Premium subscribers. Read on to learn how many devices; phones, tablets, speakers, TVs, cars, and computers you can use Spotify on so you can enjoy music everywhere!

The Short Answer

Let’s start with the quick overview before diving into the details. 

For Spotify Free users, you are limited to:

– 1 mobile device (phone or tablet) at a time

– 1 computer at a time

For Spotify Premium subscribers, you can use Spotify on up to:

– 10 mobile and desktop devices

– 5 additional streaming products like speakers, TVs, or gaming consoles

So in total, you can register up to 15 Spotify devices per Premium account. Keep reading to understand how these device limits work.

Device Rules for Spotify Free

Let’s first explain the device restrictions that Spotify Free users need to be aware of.

To recap, Spotify Free listeners can actively use:

– 1 mobile device, either a phone or tablet

– 1 computer, either desktop or laptop

This means you can have Spotify downloaded on more than 2 devices, but can only play music on 1 mobile app and 1 computer app at the same time. 

If you try playing music on a second mobile or computer device, the first device will be automatically disconnected. You’ll get an error message explaining the 1 device limit.

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The reason Spotify enforces this limit for free users is to encourage paid subscriptions. They want you to upgrade to Premium if you need multi-device listening.

Two Typical Use Cases:

1. You use Spotify on your phone while commuting. When you get to work, you can listen on your desktop computer instead and control the music there without interrupting playback.

2. You have Spotify downloaded onto your iPhone and iPad, but can only use it on one iOS device at a time, not both. 

So while slightly restrictive, the Free tier device limits accommodate most people’s needs to stream music on one phone plus computer. Now let’s explore how many more devices Premium allows.

Expanding Your Devices with Spotify Premium

One major benefit of upgrading to a Premium paid subscription on Spotify is lifting the device restrictions. With Premium, the number of devices you can use simultaneously goes up substantially.

Here’s a recap of how many devices you can actively use with a Spotify Premium account:

– 10 mobile and desktop devices 

– 5 additional streaming devices

That’s 15 total devices that can play Spotify audio from a single Premium account. Let’s explain further.

10 Mobile/Desktop Devices 

Premium allows you to listen on up to 10 total mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This means you could have Spotify streaming on up to 10 iOS or Android phones or tablets at the same time.

You can also use up to 10 desktop devices like Windows PCs or MacBooks. So between mobile and computer devices, your limit is 10.

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This is perfect for larger families or households where multiple people want to use Spotify. You can connect all your devices without bumping anyone off.

5 Streaming Devices

In addition to the 10 mobile/desktop devices, Spotify Premium permits connecting up to 5 additional streaming products. These include:

– Smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home

– Smart TVs with Spotify Connect

– Gaming consoles like PlayStation or Xbox

– Car systems with Spotify integration

So with Premium, you can listen on 10 phones/tablets/computers AND 5 additional speakers, TVs and more. That’s how Premium enables 15 devices total per account.

Device Limit Tips

Here are some tips for getting the most mileage from your Spotify device limits:

– Name your devices for easy management in Your Library

– Prioritize which devices get the 10 mobile/desktop spots 

– Use extra streaming products like speakers for flexibility

– Remove old devices you no longer use to free up allotments

– Downgrade devices you use less often to lower quality settings to conserve space

– Enjoy Spotify on old devices by making them streaming products instead of app installs 

Despite the generous limits, you can still maximize your devices by being strategic. And you can always contact Spotify Support if you need help managing devices.

Enjoy Spotify Everywhere

One of the best parts of Spotify Premium is the ability to take your music anywhere and everywhere. With support for up to 15 devices, Premium subscribers can seamlessly integrate Spotify into all aspects of their life.

Whether listening on your phone walking around town, your smartwatch on a run, your computer at work, your home speaker system, your gaming console, or your car – Spotify can be there in any situation or environment.  

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Premium allows you to have a consistent, uninterrupted Spotify experience across all your devices with one account. Music becomes more portable than ever.

If device limits ever become a restriction, Spotify does offer discounts for adding Extra Family Members to allow up to 6 Premium accounts under one family plan. Each account gets their own 15 device allotment. But for most individuals or families, 15 devices is plenty to enjoy Spotify everywhere you want.

Key Takeaways

Let’s wrap up with a quick recap on how many devices you can use with Spotify:

– Spotify Free allows 1 mobile device and 1 computer at once

– Spotify Premium lifts limits to 10 mobile/desktop devices and 5 streaming devices, for 15 total

– Premium device limits accommodate larger families and multiple situations

– You can name devices and be strategic about allotments

– Adding family members lets you multiple device allowances further

Armed with this knowledge, you can now enjoy your favorite Spotify audio on pretty much any phone, tablet, computer, speaker, TV, gaming console or car. Spotify gives you flexibility to integrate music into every aspect of your life. Just upgrade to Premium and start listening anywhere!

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