How Much Is Spotify Premium Family?

Considering sharing a Spotify Premium family plan with your loved ones? Spotify’s family plan allows up to 6 people to enjoy the full Premium experience at a lower combined cost by sharing one subscription.

Read on for details on Spotify Premium family plan pricing, who is eligible, how to set up a family group, and how the cost is broken down between members.

What is Spotify Premium Family?

Spotify Premium Family allows up to 6 users to share one Spotify Premium subscription. With Premium Family:

  • Each member gets their own separate Premium account.
  • You link the accounts together into one family group.
  • One payment covers all members monthly.
  • Share the overall cost however you want between members.

So it provides a family group discounted way to all access ad-free Spotify Premium.

Who is Eligible for Spotify Family?

To be on a Spotify family plan, members must:

  • Reside at the same address as the family manager (the main account holder).
  • Be 13+ years old. Kids under 13 cannot be on a family plan due to COPPA requirements.
  • Be family relatives or live together at the same residence. Friends or distant relatives are not permitted.

So those sharing a home in a direct family unit can fully take advantage of the family plan group pricing.

How Much Does Spotify Family Plan Cost?

The monthly cost for a Spotify Premium Family subscription is:

  • $15.99 per month in the United States when billed monthly.
  • $179.99 per year when prepaying annually upfront. This breaks down to about $15 monthly.

So regardless of how many members (up to 6), the family plan base cost remains the same. Adding more people divides up the overall expense.

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Breakdown of Costs for Family Members

With the total family plan cost being $15.99 per month, here is how that amount breaks down for members:

  • 1 member – $15.99 per month
  • 2 members – $7.99 each per month
  • 3 members – $5.33 each per month
  • 4 members – $4 each per month
  • 5 members – $3.20 each per month
  • 6 members – $2.66 each per month

The more members on the plan, the lower each person’s portion of the overall monthly rate.

Comparing Family to Individual Plan Cost

Compared to paying for an Individual Premium plan, here are the savings with Family:

  • For 1 member, Family costs the same $15.99 as paying individually.
  • For 2 members, Family saves $2 per person per month.
  • For 3 members, Family saves $4.66 per person per month.
  • For 4 members, Family saves $5.99 per person per month.

So the more members added up to 6, the more everyone saves over having separate Individual plans.

Who Pays for the Family Plan Subscription?

With a Spotify family plan:

  • One designated manager sets up and pays for the plan as a whole.
  • The family manager controls inviting new members.
  • Other members pay the manager back their portion. How reimbursement is handled varies between families.

So one family member takes on the role of administrator and facilitator for the group Premium access.

How Members Reimburse the Plan Manager

Family members can reimburse the plan manager who handles the central payments in several ways:

  • Send money directly via PayPal, Venmo, etc.
  • Pay their portion in cash or check.
  • Manager charges each member’s individual card periodically for their share.
  • Set up automatic recurring partial payments to manager from other members.
  • Alternate which family member pays the full bill each month.
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Work out the repayment method that is easiest for your family’s situation. The main requirement is that one person acts as the plan owner.

Can Members Pay for Their Own Portion?

Unfortunately Spotify does not currently offer the ability for family members to pay for just their portion of the Premium fee directly to Spotify.

The manager must make the full monthly payment. Spotify does not handle splitting up the family plan bill between different payment methods from members.

So the only option is members reimbursing the main family account owner for their share of the total plan cost each month.

Changing the Family Plan Manager

If needed, it is possible to switch the family plan manager to someone else:

  • Current manager cancels their Individual Premium membership.
  • That membership is transferred to the new manager.
  • New manager becomes the family plan owner.

All members’ access remains intact throughout the transfer process when changing managers.

Can Non-Family Members Join a Family Plan?

According to Spotify family plan rules, only family members residing at the same address as the plan manager are permitted to join a family Premium account.

However, enforcement of this policy seems to be lenient in practice currently. Many report success adding close friends and non-nuclear family relations. Just be aware such usage is technically prohibited.

Is Spotify Family Plan Worth It?

The savings and benefits make Spotify’s family plan very worthwhile for multiple Premium users in a household:

  • Saves money over having separate Individual plans. More savings as you add members.
  • Family members each get their own Premium login.
  • Easy way to share the cost of Premium between family.
  • Manager has control over seeing members and payments.
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For a family that loves Spotify, joining a family plan is a smart money-saving move!

Get the Family Grooving with Shared Premium!

Thanks to Family plan discounts, getting ad-free Spotify Premium for the whole household is very affordable.

Gather up your family members, pick a plan manager, settle on a reimbursement method, and start enjoying shared jams. With so much musical variety to explore, Spotify family listening sessions will become a new favorite family tradition!

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