How Much Does Spotify Premium Cost?

Considering upgrading to Spotify Premium for an ad-free listening experience? Before signing up, you probably want to know how much a Spotify Premium costs on a monthly or annual basis.

This article will break down the current pricing in 2023 for Spotify Premium plans for individuals, students, families, and couples. We’ll compare the free and Premium tiers, payment options, discounted rates, and cost-saving tips like gift cards and free trials.

Spotify Free vs Premium Plans

Let’s first look at what you get with Spotify’s free, ad-supported base plan versus upgrading to their Premium offering:

Spotify Free includes:

  • Ad interruptions
  • Shuffle play only
  • Limited skips
  • Lower bitrate audio
  • No offline listening

Spotify Premium includes:

  • Ad-free listening
  • On-demand song playback
  • Unlimited skips
  • High bitrate audio
  • Offline listening and downloads

So for $10-$15 per month, Premium removes advertisements, unlocks unlimited on-demand music, and adds extra features like taking your music offline. Great for serious music lovers.

What’s the Monthly Cost for Spotify Premium Individual?

The standard monthly price for a Spotify Premium individual plan is:

  • $9.99 per month – When paying month-to-month
  • $99 per year – Approximately $8.25 per month when prepaid annually

The annual plan saves you about $24 per year but requires upfront payment. Monthly is more flexible if you aren’t sure of long term commitment.

How Much is Spotify Premium for Students?

Eligible students can receive a 50% discount on Premium, reducing the monthly cost to just:

  • $4.99 per month – Pay $5/month as long as you’re enrolled

One of the most affordable ways to get unlimited ad-free music access! Verify student status with .edu email and SheerID.

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What’s the Cost for Spotify Premium Family?

A Spotify Premium Family plan covers up to 6 people for:

  • $15.99 per month total when paid monthly
  • $179.99 per year total for annual prepay, around $15 per month

Family allows cost splitting across members while still getting full individual Premium access.

How Much Does Spotify Premium Duo Cost?

Spotify Duo allows partners or friends to share Premium for:

  • $12.99 per month total when paid monthly
  • $169 per year total for annual prepay, around $13 monthly

Duo covers 2 people so you save compared to 2 Individual plans.

Does Premium Cost More with More Members?

No, Spotify Premium always costs the set monthly price regardless of how many total users are on the account.

The only exception is adding members to Family or Duo plans spreads the cost across people. But Individual and Student plans stay the same.

What Payment Options are Available?

You can pay your Spotify Premium fee using:

  • Credit or debit card
  • PayPal account balance
  • Certain mobile phone carrier billing
  • Spotify gift cards
  • Access via a family member’s Family Plan

No matter the payment method, you get full Premium access. Credit/debit cards are most common.

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free?

While regular cost is $10-$15 per month, here are some ways to get Spotify Premium for free or cheap:

  • Redeem free 1-3 month new user trial promotions when available
  • Join a family member’s Spotify Family Plan
  • Use rewards points and gift cards for free Premium credit
  • Check for student, phone plan, and other third-party bundles
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With some deal hunting, enjoying Premium free or at big discounts is possible! But it requires ongoing effort to keep finding the latest offers before old ones expire.

Does Spotify Ever Offer Free Trials?

Yes, Spotify periodically offers 1-3 month Premium trials for first-time Premium subscribers.

Keep an eye out for free trial promos on Spotify’s website, app, emails, advertising, or social media posts. Trials allow previewing full Premium experience before paying.

Just remember to cancel before the free trial ends if you don’t want to be charged normal monthly rates. Free trials are typically limited to once per customer lifetime.

Is Paying for Premium Worth It?

For most music lovers, Spotify Premium is very worth the $10-$15 monthly cost considering what you gain:

✅ Unlimited ad-free music

✅ Unlimited skips

✅ Higher quality audio

✅ Offline listening

✅ Early album access

✅ Curated playlists and recommendations

Unless you only listen casually, Premium is absolutely worth it for serious music fans!

Don’t Miss Out on Spotify Premium!

At just $9.99 per month for individuals or $15.99 for family sharing, Spotify Premium offers tremendous value by unlocking ad-free unlimited music across all your devices.

Take advantage of free trials, gift cards, phone plan bundles, and discounted student rates. With some smart hunting, you can save big on Premium access!

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