How Much Is Spotify Premium Duo?

Spotify Premium Duo is an option that lets two people share one Spotify Premium subscription. By splitting the cost, Spotify Duo offers a discounted way for couples, roommates, or friends to both save on Premium access.

Read on for full details about Spotify Premium Duo pricing, who is eligible, how to set up a Duo plan, and how the cost breaks down compared to individual subscriptions.

What is Spotify Premium Duo?

Spotify Duo allows two people residing at the same address to share one Premium subscription. With Spotify Duo:

  • Each person gets their own separate Premium account login.
  • You link both accounts together into a shared Duo plan.
  • One payment covers both members monthly.
  • You can save compared to having separate Individual Premium plans.

So it provides a convenient two-person option for enjoying Spotify Premium at a lower combined cost.

Who Can Be on a Spotify Duo Plan?

Here are the eligibility requirements to share a Spotify Duo plan:

  • Must reside at the same residential address as the other member.
  • Can be any two individuals like romantic partners, roommates, siblings, parent/child or two friends.
  • Both members must be 18 or older.

So as long as two adults cohabitate at the same home, they can fully utilize the Duo account options.

How Much Does Spotify Duo Plan Cost?

Here is the monthly Spotify Premium Duo pricing:

  • $12.99 per month in the United States when billed monthly.
  • $169 per year total prepaid annually, which breaks down to around $13 per month.

The annual Duo plan saves you about $24 per year compared to paying monthly. The price stays the same no matter which country you live in.

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Cost Breakdown Between Members

With the total Spotify Duo monthly price being $12.99, here is how that amount breaks down for each person:

  • Each member pays $6.50 per month

So the two members split the overall Duo monthly fee right down the middle. Very simple and equal!

Comparing Duo to Individual Plans

Compared to each paying $9.99 for their own Premium Individual subscription, with a Duo plan:

  • Each person saves $3.49 per month
  • Total savings of $6.98 per month combined

So you get to share the features of Spotify while also saving a couple dollars each compared to having separate accounts.

Who Pays for the Duo Subscription?

For a Spotify Duo plan:

  • One designated partner is the main account holder who manages payment.
  • The other partner pays the account owner their share each month.
  • How reimbursement is handled depends on agreement between the two partners.

So one person acts as the Premium subscriber while the other pays them a split portion regularly.

How Members Reimburse Each Other

Here are some ways the non-owning Duo member can reimburse the plan manager for their portion of the monthly subscription:

  • PayPal, Venmo, CashApp or direct bank transfer
  • Cash or check
  • The manager charges the member’s individual card periodically
  • Set up an automatic recurring split payment
  • Alternate who pays the full bill each month

Choose the reimbursement method that works best for your payment relationship. The main requirement is that one person acts as the subscription owner.

Changing the Duo Plan Owner

It is possible to switch the primary owner of the Spotify Duo plan if needed:

  • Current owner cancels their Individual Premium membership.
  • That membership is transferred to the new owner.
  • The new owner becomes the main plan manager.
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Both members retain full access during the transfer process when changing the Duo plan owner.

Can You Pay for Just Your Half?

Unfortunately Spotify does not currently offer the ability for each Duo member to pay for only their portion of the Premium subscription directly.

The owner must make the full monthly payment. Spotify does not handle splitting up the Duo bill between different payment methods from each member.

So the only option is the non-owner reimbursing the main Duo account owner for their share of the total plan cost monthly.

Is Duo Worth It for Two People?

The savings make Spotify’s Duo plan very beneficial and affordable for two people wanting Premium:

  • Saves around $3.50 per month per person over Individual plans.
  • Each gets own personalized Premium login while saving.
  • Easy to split and share costs each month.
  • Account owner has control over payments and cancellations.

For pairs who both love Spotify, joining a Duo plan is a smart money-saving move!

Start Saving as a Spotify Premium Pair!

Thanks to the Duo discount pricing, getting unlimited ad-free Spotify for two people is very affordable.

Whether it’s couples, roommates, siblings or friends, sharing a Duo subscription makes accessing Premium music reasonable. Pick an owner, settle on reimbursement, and start listening ad-free together for less!

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