A Beginner’s Guide to Spotify Personality Test And Types

Have you ever wondered what your music taste says about your personality? Spotify’s innovative Personality Test feature reveals your musical identity through distinct listener “types.” This beginner’s guide will introduce you to the fascinating world of Spotify personality tests and types based on your listening habits

We’ll explore what the Spotify Personality Test and types are, the metrics that shape your musical identity, the 16 listener types, and FAQs. Let’s dive in to uncover your unique listening personality step-by-step!

Understanding the Spotify Personality Test and Types

The Spotify Personality Test is an exciting element of Spotify Wrapped – an annual personalized musical gift that arrives each December. Within Wrapped, the “Listening Personality” report classifies you as one of 16 listener types based on your music preferences.

This personality test works akin to the popular Myers-Briggs typology. Spotify’s algorithm analyzes your recent listening patterns across four key metrics. Each metric represents a spectrum from one trait to another. The combined metrics determine your distinctive listener type name.

For instance, “The Maverick” or “The Devotee” types reveal specific listening personalities. Let’s explore the four metrics that shape your musical identity.

Metrics That Form Your Listening Personality

Your Spotify listening personality derives from a mix of these four metrics:

  1. Familiarity vs Exploration
  2. Loyalty vs Variety
  3. Timelessness vs Newness
  4. Commonality vs Uniqueness

The initials in your Spotify type (like FTVU or ENVC) represent where you fall on each of these spectrums. Diving into what each metric means provides greater insight into your musical profile.

Familiarity vs Exploration (F/E)

Familiarity measures your tendency to repeatedly play tried-and-true favorite artists. If you find yourself returning to the same beloved musicians, your Familiarity score is higher.

Exploration indicates your inclination to discover emerging or niche artists. If you consistently seek out new, uncharted music, your Exploration score is higher.

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Loyalty vs Variety (L/V)

Loyalty refers to repeatedly playing the same beloved tracks and playlists on repeat. If you have go-to songs you continually revisit, your Loyalty is higher.

Variety measures your tendency to cycle through diverse songs rather than repeat the same ones. If you like changing it up, your Variety score is higher.

Timelessness vs Newness (T/N)

Timelessness reflects preference for older, classic tunes that have become iconic. If you regularly play catalog classics, your Timelessness is higher.

Newness indicates enthusiasm for the latest chart-topping hits and recently dropped tracks. If you chase the newest releases, your Newness score is higher.

Commonality vs Uniqueness (C/U)

Commonality measures aligning with popular mainstream music also enjoyed widely. If your playlists contain global hits, your Commonality is higher.

Uniqueness reflects liking niche, less-mainstream music for a differentiated experience. If you tend toward overlooked gems, your Uniqueness is higher.

Now let’s explore the 16 distinct Spotify listening personality types that emerge from these metrics when combined.

Exploring the 16 Spotify Personality Types

By mixing and matching each of the four listening metrics, Spotify’s algorithm assigns you one of 16 listening personality types. Let’s get to know each type’s core traits:

  1. The Adventurer (ENVU)

Adventurers are exploratory listeners who venture into uncharted musical territory seeking emerging artists and hidden gems.

  1. The Early Adopter (ENVC)

Early Adopters eagerly discover the next new trend in music, always being among the first to embrace fresh styles.

  1. The Deep Diver (FTVU)

Deep Divers immerse themselves fully into a favorite artist’s entire catalogue, taking in even little-known tracks.

  1. The Devotee (FNLU)

Devotees express unwavering loyalty to their top artists, knowing lyrics across catalogues including lesser-known songs.

  1. The Replayer (FTLU)

Replayers love returning to beloved songs, playing them on repeat for a comforting, familiar listening experience.

  1. The Connoisseur (FTVC)
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Connoisseurs have a finely tuned taste, expertly curating playlists with mass appeal combining hits and beloved deep cuts.

  1. The Maverick (ETLU)

Mavericks embrace their musical individuality, intentionally avoiding mainstream hits in favor of alt genres.

  1. The Fan Clubber (FNVC)

Fan Clubbers ardently support their favorite musicians through fan club engagement and promoting new releases.

  1. The Top Charter (ETLC)

Top Charters prefer listening solely to the most popular mainstream hits and charting songs.

  1. The Enthusiast (FNLC)

Enthusiasts eagerly follow their favorite artists’ updates across platforms ready to enjoy and share new projects.

  1. The Time Traveler (ETVU)

Time Travelers discover music new to them regardless of era, traversing decades through both old classics and new releases.

  1. The Musicologist (ETVC)

Musicologists appreciate the nuances of composition, gravitating toward tracks with artistic sophistication that stand the test of time.

  1. The Nomad (ENLU)

Nomads explore far-reaching genres without tying themselves to one style, taking in diverse music as a unique journey.

  1. The Voyager (ENLC)

Voyagers view exploring a wide world of music as a way to expand their personal horizons and perspectives.

  1. The Jukeboxer (FTVC)

Jukeboxers maintain eclectic playlists of liked songs from across eras, shuffling through diverse hits for any mood.

  1. The Specialist (FNVU)

Specialists are highly selective, committing fully to curating and engaging with a specialized selection of favorite artists.

Getting Your Spotify Listening Personality

Wondering how to access your personalized Spotify listening personality type? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Spotify anytime in December to receive your special Spotify Wrapped showcase.
  2. Scroll through your Wrapped insights until you find the “Listening Personality” section.
  3. Read about the four key metrics and 16 types to interpret your assigned personality.
  4. Enjoy exploring your unique listening identity through this fun feature!

With your Spotify listening personality identified, you can better understand your music taste and how it reflects your individuality. Keep reading for FAQs about this distinctive feature.

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FAQs About Spotify Listening Personalities

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Spotify listening personalities:

How does Spotify calculate my listening personality type?

Your type derives from an algorithm analyzing your recent listening patterns across the four key metrics of Familiarity, Variety, Timelessness, and Uniqueness.

Can I retake the Spotify personality test?

No, you are assigned one type annually through Spotify Wrapped based on your latest listening habits. It updates each December.

How accurate is my assigned Spotify personality type?

Accuracy is subjective, as your type represents your recent listening behaviors. Think of it as a fun way to reflect on your music taste.

Can I share my Spotify personality type on social media?

Yes, you can post your type on social platforms allowing friends to learn about your listening personality.

Do all users get a Spotify listening personality?

Yes, this feature is included with every Spotify user’s Wrapped experience each December.

Can I manually change my assigned personality type?

No, your data-driven type cannot be altered manually. However, it may evolve year-to-year if your listening habits change.

Gain Insight into Your Musical Identity

Understanding your Spotify listening personality introduces you to a new way of connecting with music. But at the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong musical identity. Taste is a unique journey for each listener.

This beginner’s guide to decoding your Spotify personality empowers you to enjoy music more intentionally. Let your listening data reveal hidden facets of your musical self through this innovative feature.

Now you can embark on your own path of melodic discovery armed with knowledge of the various Spotify listening personalities. Enjoy exploring and playing to your preferences as you continue shaping your distinctive listener identity.

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