Mazi Ogbonnaya Translates First Physics Textbook to Igbo

Nigerian novelist Mazi Ogbonnaya has translates the first Physics Textbook to Igbo Language.

Speaking on his social media handle , Facebook he said, “For years, concerns have been raised about the potential extinction of the Igbo language. This threat motivated Mazi Mark Ogbonnaya Okoro, an Igbo scholar, to take on an unprecedented project – translating the first-ever Physics textbook into the Igbo language.

After tremendous effort, Mazi Ogbonnaya has completed this groundbreaking work titled “IgboFiziksi” (Igbo Physics). This textbook represents a monumental step in preserving the Igbo language while making crucial scientific knowledge accessible to all Igbo speakers, regardless of education level.

“IgboFiziksi” is designed to explain the concepts of Physics in a way that is understandable even for those without a formal education background. Through clear examples, practice problems, and rich explanations in Igbo, the book brings the foundational principles of Physics to life in the native tongue.

This textbook has wide-ranging applications across libraries, schools, homes, and for self-study. It opens up the world of Physics instruction to Igbo speakers young and old in an unprecedented way. Mazi Ogbonnaya’s vision is to see “IgboFiziksi” integrated into curricula and spreading scientific literacy throughout the Igbo community.

“Making this book was an immense undertaking, but one that I felt was absolutely vital for preserving our language and culture. Physics should not be limited by linguistic barriers,” stated Mazi Ogbonnaya.

Those interested in obtaining a copy of this historic textbook can reach out directly via WhatsApp at 07026333066 or email at The book is available for 9,500 Naira and can be paid for via Zenith Bank account 2256179240 under the name Mark Ogbonnaya Okoro.

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This is a tremendous accomplishment for the Igbo language and the field of Physics education. Mazi Ogbonnaya’s work has opened a door for more Nigerian languages to find embracement in academia and scientific fields. Preserving indigenous languages while spreading knowledge – a true testament to human ingenuity.

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