How To Stop Spotify From Adding Songs To Playlists?

Spotify as a global streaming giant has one flawed but dynamic act of adding different songs while to play listing is going on. We will get to know how to stop Spotify from adding songs to playlists

As a lifelong music fanatic and avid Spotify user, I constantly grapple with frustration over Spotify taking the unwelcome liberty of adding new songs to my carefully constructed playlists without my consent. This unprompted injection of tracks can utterly disrupt the meticulously orchestrated vibe and flow I intended for my playlist. So in my ongoing quest to understand how to stop Spotify from adding songs to my playlists, I decided to get to the bottom of why this happens and, most crucially, find effective solutions to stop Spotify from adding songs to my playlists.

In this deep dive exploration, I’ll share my insights on the reasons behind Spotify adding new songs to playlists, and most significantly, I’ll equip you with actionable techniques to stop Spotify from adding songs to your playlists without permission. Let’s get into it!

Why Does Spotify Take It Upon Itself to Add New Songs to Playlists?

Before jumping headfirst into the solutions for how to prevent Spotify from adding songs to playlists, it’s helpful to understand why Spotify decides to add new tracks to my existing playlists in the first place. The underlying logic behind this frustrating behavior lies in Spotify utilizing advanced algorithms that continuously analyze your listening patterns, favorite artists, and existing playlists. Based on these data inputs, Spotify aims to suggest fresh songs that it believes will complement and enhance the playlists you’ve already created based on your listening profile. Basically, Spotify tries to augment your music discovery by automatically introducing you to new tracks tailored to your tastes based on your past listening behavior.

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While this feature intends to enrich your experience, it often unwittingly sabotages the carefully constructed flow of a playlist I manually built to achieve a certain mood or style. So how can we stop Spotify from adding songs to our playlists without asking first? Let’s examine solutions.

How to Stop Spotify from Adding Songs to be Playlists Without People Consent

Now that we understand the rationale behind why Spotify inserts new tracks into my existing playlists, let’s get to the actionable solutions for blocking this undesirable behavior. Here are effective techniques for how to stop Spotify from adding songs to your playlists automatically without your permission:

  1. Disable the “Autoplay” Feature in Spotify

You can stop Spotify’s ability to play anything automatically once your playlist finishes by disabling Autoplay entirely. Here’s how:


  1. Click down arrow next to your profile
  2. Choose Settings
  3. Turn “Autoplay” off


  1. Tap Gear icon in Your Library
  2. Select Playback Settings
  3. Toggle “Autoplay” off

This prevents Spotify from imposing its own musical agenda once you reach the end of your intended playlist.

  1. Turn Off Spotify’s “Enhance” Playlist Feature

Similarly, shutting down Spotify’s “Enhanced Playlist” functionality prevents Spotify from artificially injecting its suggested songs into your carefully constructed playlist.


  1. Go to Settings in drop down menu
  2. Click Playback Settings
  3. Disable “Enhance”


  1. Tap Gear icon in Your Library
  2. Choose Playback
  3. Turn “Enhance” off

With this deactivated, your existing playlist remains untouched by Spotify’s forced “improvements.”

  1. Manually Populate Your Playlists to Leave No Gaps for Spotify to Fill

Proactively packing your playlists with your own selected songs leaves less empty space for Spotify to sneak its algorithmic suggestions into your mix. Overwhelm Spotify’s opportunities by manually claiming each slot in the playlist.

  1. Listen in Offline Mode to Sidestep External Playlist Modification
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Downloading your playlists for offline listening cuts the cord of internet connectivity, preventing Spotify’s servers from remotely accessing and altering your playlist after the fact.

  1. Consider Upgrading to Spotify Premium for Greater Playlist Control

Premium perks like unlimited skips give you tighter governance over the contents of your playlist. Less disruptive shuffle modes further limit surprises.

  1. Use Third-Party Apps to Back Up Your Playlists in Case Spotify Still Overrides Your Wishes

Apps like Soundiiz can create a mirrored backup of your playlist, protecting your work from any unwanted changes by Spotify.

Common Questions About Stopping Spotify from Adding Songs to Playlists

Let’s tackle some frequent questions that arise around preventing Spotify from hijacking control over your playlists:

Is there any way to permanently stop all Spotify song suggestions?

Unfortunately, no – Spotify’s engine will eternally churn out suggestions based on your listening activity. But disabling Autoplay and Enhanced Playlist allows you to ignore these AI-generated ideas.

Do Premium subscribers have more ability to control song additions?

Yes, Premium perks like unlimited skips and offline listening grant more authority over your playlist contents. However, you still need to manually disable Spotify’s suggestion features.

Can I ban specific artists from ever appearing in my Spotify playlists?

No direct way exists to block particular artists, but meticulous playlist curation focused on your preferred artists can act as an indirect artist filter.

If I deactivate these settings on one device, will it also apply elsewhere?

It depends – desktop settings don’t carry over elsewhere. But mobile playback toggles do sync across connected mobile devices.

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How can I back up my playlists to avoid unwanted Spotify changes?

You can manually export playlist files as backups. Or use third-party apps to automatically back up your Spotify library in the cloud.

Takeaways: Reclaiming Your Playlist Sovereignty from Spotify

In closing, vigilant curation is required to deny Spotify’s trojan additions to your proudly hand-crafted playlists. With discipline and consistent disabling of Autoplay and Enhanced Playlist functions, your authority as playlist architect can prevail over Spotify’s ambition to artificially “enhance” your work.

Supplement preventative settings with manual population, offline listening, third-party backups, and Premium upgrades to fortify your defenses. Stay resolute, and your ability to solely dictate the contents of your personal Spotify playlists shall persist.

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